As you progress through Zwift’s levels, you’ll unlock more items in the Drop Shop which can be purchased with your hard-earned Drops. This inevitably leads to questions: do I buy the frame I just unlocked? What if there’s a faster frame unlocked next level? Or maybe some zippy wheels?

Learn how Zwift’s levels, XP, and unlocks work >
Learn how Drops are calculated >

Here’s a complete list of frames and wheels unlocked at each level, with the most useful unlocks marked in bold and the key purchases marked with a MUST BUY. We’ve even added notes so you know what makes those unlocks special!

Of course, you may want to purchase a particular frame or wheelset just because it looks cool or matches what you ride outdoors. Nothing wrong with that! Our recommendations, though, are based entirely on speed test performance.

Level 2

  • Zwift Classic frame (35,600 Drops)
  • Cannondale Caad12 frame (184,500 Drops)

Level 3

  • Ridley Helium frame (461,500 Drops)

Level 4

ENVE SES 3.4 wheels
  • ENVE SES 3.4 wheels (191,700 Drops) – #2 fastest climbing wheels, #4 fastest beginner wheels. The 3.4s are a steal if you’re looking for great climbing wheels. The only better wheels are the Lightweight Meilensteins, but you have to get lucky and unlock those atop Alpe du Zwift!
  • Specialized Allez frame (127,800 Drops)

Level 5

  • Roval CLX64 wheels (170,400 Drops)#4 fastest wheels level 30 and below, #3 fastest beginner wheels.
  • Specialized Epic S-Works frame (675,900 Drops)
  • Specialized Roubaix frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Roubaix frame S-Works (745,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Ruby frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Ruby S-Works frame (745,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Tarmac SL7 frame (674,500 Drops) #4 climbing frame. The Tarmac SL7 is a solid all-around performer. Read more about it >

Level 6

  • MUST BUY! DT Swiss ARC 62 wheels 184,600 Drops) #3 fastest climbing wheels, #2 fastest wheels level 30 and below, #2 fastest beginner wheels. A solid set of all-around wheels, good if you’re looking for something that climbs well while remaining quite aero.
  • Chapter2 Tere frame (390,500 Drops)
  • MUST BUY! Zwift Aero frame (319,500 Drops) #5 fastest beginner frame. The first fast frame, Zwift Aero is very common in races. Want to stand out in the crowd a bit? Hold onto your Drops and pick up the Factor One (level 8), Ridley Noah (level 9), or Ribble Endurance (level 7). Very similar performance, but you’ll stand out in the crowd.
Zwift Aero (left), Ribble Endurance (right)

Level 7

  • Zwift 50mm Carbon wheels (120,700 Drops)
  • Ribble Endurance frame (390,500 Drops)#6 fastest beginner frame (see note above).
  • Zwift Steel frame (142,000 Drops)

Level 8

  • Giant TCR Advanced SL frame (305,300 Drops)
  • Factor One frame (426,000 Drops)#2 fastest beginner frame (see note above).

Level 9

  • Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST wheels (142,000 Drops)
  • Cannondale EVO frame (213,000 Drops) #2 climbing frame. A very strong climbing frame, the EVO is only beaten by the Tarmac Pro which you’ll be able to access at level 11. Get this now if you need a good climber, or save your Drops for the ultimate rig just down the road.
  • Ridley Noah Fast 2019 frame (426,000 Drops)#3 fastest beginner frame (see note above).

Level 10

Shiv S-Works
  • Canyon Inflite frame (234,300 Drops)
  • Canyon Lux frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Canyon Ultimate frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Shiv frame (710,000 Drops)
  • Specialized Shiv S-Works frame (852,000 Drops) #1 fastest tt climbing frame. Looking to do some fast, solo climbing? This is the frame for it. But it’s not cheap!

Level 11

  • Zipp 202 wheels (149,200 Drops)
  • MUST BUY! Specialized Tarmac Pro frame (408,300 Drops)#1 climbing frame. Buy it. Put it in your garage. Use it on hard climbs.

Level 12

  • Shimano C40 wheels (85,300 Drops)
  • Cannondale Synapse frame (298,200 Drops)

Level 13

Zipp 808 wheels. Just get ’em!
  • MUST BUY! Zipp 808 wheels (177,600 Drops)#6 fastest wheels, #1 fastest wheels level 30 and below, #1 fastest beginner wheels. The fastest wheels you can buy, until level 31. So you’d better pick up a set!
  • Cervelo Aspero frame (426,000 Drops)
  • Cervelo S3D frame (468,600 Drops) #4 fastest beginner frame. The fastest frame you’ve had access to so far, but next level you can get an even faster one which climbs better! May be prudent to save those Drops.

Level 14

  • MUST BUY! Specialized Allez Sprint frame (127,800 Drops)#1 fastest beginner frame. Just like IRL, this frame is a great buy in terms of price/performance.

Level 15

Level 16

  • Mavic Cosmic CXR60c wheels (142,000 Drops)
  • Chapter2 Rere frame (355,000 Drops)
  • Parlee ESX frame (603,500 Drops)

Level 17

  • ENVE SES 2.2 wheels (191,700 Drops)
  • Scott Foil frame (781,000 Drops)
  • Scott Plasma frame (852,000 Drops)#2 fastest tt climbing frame. A good climber, but you’ve already got access to a better climber (Shiv S-Works, Level 10), so you may not need this one.
  • Scott Spark RC frame (418,900 Drops)

Level 18

  • Shimano C60 wheels (92,300 Drops)
  • Specialized Shiv Disc frame (994,000 Drops) #3 fastest tt frame. The fastest TT frame you’ve been able to access thus far. If you’re picky about those TT times, buy this bike!
  • Specialized Venge frame (461,500 Drops) #6 fastest frame, #4 fastest frame level 30 and below. The fastest road race frame for flat races so far in your Zwift journey. Pick it up and ride it like you stole it (or wait for level 20, where a faster frame awaits).

Level 19

  • BMC SLR01 frame (376,200 Drops)

Level 20

Level 21

  • Canyon Speedmax frame (710,000 Drops)

Level 22

  • Giant SLR 0 wheels (191,800 Drops) #3 fastest climbing wheels
  • Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc frame (816,500 Drops)
  • Liv Langma Advanced SL frame (745,500 Drops)

Level 23

  • Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL UST wheels (142,000 Drops)
  • Canyon Aeroad frame (532,500 Drops) #8 fastest frame, #6 fastest frame level 30 and below. Everyone loves the look of the Canyon, but you’ve already got access to faster frames at this point. Nothing wrong with buying stuff to look good, though!
  • Canyon Grail frame (355,000 Drops)

Level 24

  • Zipp 454 wheels (284,000 Drops) #4 fastest climbing wheels, #2 fastest wheels level 30 and below. A decent set of all-around wheels, good if you’re looking for something that climbs well while remaining quite aero.
  • BMC Timemachine01 frame (781,000 Drops)
  • Cervelo R5 frame (461,500 Drops)

Level 25

Cervelo S5
  • ENVE SES 6.7 wheels (191,700 Drops) #4 fastest wheels level 30 and below. Nice-looking hoops, but if you’ve got the Zipp 808s there’s no performance benefit to picking these up as well.
  • MUST BUY! Cervelo S5 frame (603,500 Drops) #3 fastest frame, #2 fastest frame level 30 and below. The S5 is a very fast frame on flat roads, and a good climber as well. It won’t beat the Tron bike on flat roads, but it’ll beat the Tron bike up a mountain… and it’ll beat anything else in your garage at level 32 and below!
  • Pinarello Bolide frame (923,000 Drops)

Level 26

  • Trek Emonda SL frame (142,000 Drops)

Level 27

Level 28

  • Cube Aerium frame (248,500 Drops)
  • Parlee RZ7 frame (511,200 Drops)

Level 29

  • Pinarello Dogma 65.1 frame (603,500 Drops)
  • Pinarello Dogma F12 frame (958,500 Drops)

Level 31

  • MUST BUY! ENVE SES 8.9 wheels (205,900 Drops)#5 fastest wheels. Slightly faster than the Zipp 808s, the 8.9s are the fastest wheels you’ll be able to pick up until level 35.
  • Specialized Amira frame (142,000 Drops)
  • Specialized Amira S-Works frame (355,000 Drops) – #5 climbing frame
  • Ventum One frame (482,800 Drops) – #5 fastest tt frame

Level 32

  • Cube Litening frame (177,500 Drops)

Level 33

  • Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 wheels (248,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Venge S-Works frame (798,800 Drops) #1 fastest frame. The fastest frame in Zwift, by the smallest of margins.
S-Works Venge (left), Felt AR (right)

Level 34

  • Felt AR frame (639,000 Drops) #2 fastest frame. If you don’t want the S-Works Venge for some reason, the AR is basically just as fast (1 second slower over a ~50 minute flat test).

Level 35

  • Zipp 808/Super9 wheels (1,075,700 Drops)#2 fastest wheels. The fastest wheels you’ve been able to buy so far. If you’re into TT races, buy these for sure. Otherwise, only get them if you’re willing to look a bit silly sporting a disc in a road race.
  • Diamondback Andean frame (572,900 Drops)

Level 36

Level 37

ZIPP 858
  • MUST BUY! Zipp 858 wheels (312,400 Drops)#3 fastest wheels. A favorite among many races, the 858s are the fastest non-disc wheels in game, and they climb a bit better than the heavy discs. A good choice for the purists who just can’t stomach running a disc wheel on a road bike.
  • MUST BUY! Felt IA frame (1,065,000 Drops) #1 fastest tt frame. Actually tied with the level 45 P5x as the fastest TT frame… why wait? If you’re looking for ultimate TT performance and you’ve got the Drops, pick up the IA.

Level 39

  • ENVE SES 7.8 wheels (205,900 Drops) – #4 fastest wheels
  • Pinarello Dogma F10 frame (710,000 Drops)

Level 40

  • Zwift Buffalo Fahrrad wheels (3,200 Drops)
  • Zwift Buffalo Fahrrad frame (9,500 Drops)

Level 42

  • Pinarello Bolide TT frame (1,065,000 Drops)

Level 44

  • Zwift Safety wheels (710,000 Drops)
  • Zwift Safety frame (3,550,000 Drops)

Level 45

858/Super 9 disc wheels
  • MUST BUY! ZIPP 858/Super9 wheels (1,508,800 Drops) #1 fastest wheels. The fastest hoops in game – you might as well just pick ’em up. If you’re at level 45 you’ve probably got the Drops to do it!
  • Cervelo P5x frame (1,065,000 Drops)#1 fastest tt frame. Tied with the Felt IA as the fastest TT frame, the P5x delivers