There are currently 25 rider “levels” in Zwift. Everyone begins at level 1, and you move to higher levels by accumulating XP (experience) points.

You can see your current level while riding just below your center console which shows speed, distance, elevation and ride time. Below those numbers there is a progress bar with your current level on the left.

When you level up you will receive a notice in game similar to the image above.

How Do I Get XP (Points)?

Points are added for every km (20 XP) or mile (30 XP) you ride. Points are added soon after each km or mile ticks over, unless you are in workout mode, where points are added after you complete a block. You will see a small alert to the right of your center console when points are added.

Sorry, America: since a kilometer is equal to .621 miles, you will accumulate XP slightly faster if you ride in metric units. (100km=2,000 XP, while the equivalent mileage, 62.13=1864 XP.)

You also get additional XP for the Large or Small Bonus power ups, and 10 points when you complete a KOM or sprint section.

XP for Runners

Runners also receive XP points, but on a different scale and at different intervals. Runners are awarded 10 XP for every .25km, or 15 XP for every .25 miles.

Cervelo S5: a fast bike in-game and outside. And the level 24 unlock!

Level Unlocks

Here is what you unlock at each level, and the number of XP needed to reach each level from the previous level.

  1. Zwift Kit
  2. Basic Kit, 1000 XP
  3. Basic Kit 2, 1000 XP
  4. Wheels – 32mm Carbon, 1000 XP
  5. Specialized Allez, 1000 XP
  6. Classic Wheels, 1000 XP
  7. Steel Bike, 2000 XP
  8. Vintage Jersey pack, 3000 XP
  9. Camo Jersey pack, 3000 XP
  10. ZIPP 808s, 3000 XP
  11. Digital Camo Jersey pack, 3000 XP
  12. ZIP 202s, 4000 XP
  13. Zwift Aero Bike, 7000 XP
  14. Zipp 404s, 4000 XP
  15. Level 15 jersey, 4000 XP
  16. Neon Kits , 6000 XP
  17. Parlee ESX, 6000 XP
  18. Classy Kits, 6000 XP
  19. Bontrager Aeolus 5 Wheels, 6000 XP
  20. Madone + Level 20 Jersey, 8000 XP
  21. Mavic Cosmic CXR60c, 8000 XP
  22. Canyon Aeroad, 10000 XP
  23. Enve SES 6.7, 6000 XP
  24. Cervelo S5, 6000 XP
  25. Level 25 Kit, 10000 XP

You can see previews of the kits mentioned above on our kits page.

Different bikes and wheelsets do effect your speed in-game. Visit our test lap data to find out the details.

Here’s a helpful infographic created by ZwiftBlog reader Mellen Gorman.