There are currently 21 runner levels in Zwift. Everyone begins at level 1, and you move to higher levels by accumulating XP (experience) points. You can see your current level while running just below your center console which shows speed, distance, run time. Below those numbers there is a progress bar with your current level on the left. When you level up you will receive a notice in game similar to the image above.

How Do I Get XP (Points)?

Points are added for every 1/4 km (10 XP) or 1/4 mile (15 XP) you run. You will see a small alert to the right of your center console whenever points are added. Sorry, America: since a kilometer is equal to .621 miles, you will accumulate XP slightly faster if you ride in metric units. (10km=400 XP, while the equivalent mileage, 6.213=372 XP.)


Level Unlocks

Here is what you unlock at each level, and the number of accumulated XP points needed to level up.
  1. (0 XP) Default Orange Zwift / Blue Zwift Running Shirt
  2. (1000 XP) Running Outfit 3 (Purple Shorts/Green Shirt)
  3. (2000 XP) Sweatband
  4. (4000 XP) Running Outfit 4 (Blue Short/Black Shirt)
  5. (6000 XP) Running Outfit 5 (Grey Short/Hot Pink Shirt)
  6. (8000 XP) B&W Running Outfit 4 (Black Short/White Shirt)
  7. (10000 XP) Sun Visor
  8. (13000 XP) Neon Running Outfit (Neon Orange Short/Neon Yellow Shirt)
  9. (16000 XP) Running Outfit 5 (Sky Blue Short/Red Shirt)
  10. (20000 XP) The Fade (Red Short/Fire Fade Shirt)
  11. (24000 XP) UA HOVR (Under Armour HOVR smart shoes) 2-Pairs
  12. (28000 XP) Running Outfit 6 (Black with White Strip Shorts/White with Black Strip Shirt)
  13. (32000 XP) Running Outfit 7 (Navy Blue Shorts/Blue-Pink-Black Shirt)
  14. (37000 XP) Blue Suede Shoes
  15. (42000 XP) Running Outfit 8 (Black with Green Strip Shorts/Green Striped Shirt)
  16. (48000 XP) Hoka Cliftons (Hoka One One Clifton 4 shoes) 2- Pairs
  17. (54000 XP) Running Outfit 9 (Light Green Shorts/Black Triangles Shirt)
  18. (60000 XP) Running Outfit 10 (Dark Green Shorts/Camo Green Shirt)
  19. (67000 XP) Green Shoes
  20. (74000 XP) Running Outfit 11 (Grey with Orang and Black Strip Shorts/Blue and Orange Fade Shirt)
  21. (81000 XP) NB ZANTE V4 (New Balance Zante V4 shoes) 2-Pairs