Download or Purchase a Watopia Course Map

Download or Purchase a Watopia Course Map

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Here is the latest version of the Watopia map created by myself and posted for the Zwift community. My goal is to create a useful reference which also looks good hanging on the pain cave wall.

You are free to print it for your personal use or support my efforts by purchasing an affordable full-size poster print.

Download map as PDF

This page will continue to be updated as I enhance the map and Zwift HQ updates Watopia.

Update Log:

  • v2.14, 12/29/20: added 4 new routes with bypasses from recent Zwift update.
  • v2.13, 11/26/20: updated level requirements for Jungle and Alpe
  • v2.12, 1/4/20: minor update. Added May Field, changed Road to Sky spawn point and fixed a couple minor errors.
  • v2.11, 10/15/19: a big update! Watopia has expanded! So we zoomed out the entire map in order to fit the new Fuego Flats/Titans Grove area in.
    • Added roads and features for Fuego Flats, Titans Grove, and Repack Ridge
    • Removed the intersection labels and point-to-point distance table, to declutter the overall layout
    • Added Jungle Start Pens (which aren’t operational yet, but should be soon)
    • Colored all dirt roads brown, since these roll slower on road tires and riders may wish to plan out their races accordingly
    • Labeled Jungle Rope Bridge
    • Expanded routes list to include all in-game routes, updated spawn points to reflect what is currently in game
    • Reduced overall size of info tables (legend, KOMs, routes)
    • Lots of general cleanup and visual tweaks to polish things up nicely
    • Switched to full-saturation background, changed text to white
    • Added Jarvis the bear, a brontosaurus, and more…
  • v2.05, 11/1/18: fixed Volcano Climb elevation
  • v2.04, 10/2/18: added run-only paths from Oct 1 2018 update, renamed some areas to match Zwift’s naming, added KOM table, updated the blimp.
  • v2.02, 9/11/18: various fixes thanks to feedback from Zwift Riders. Fixed biodome, distance table, level barrier to Jungle. Also corrected and numbered spawn points and added them to routes table so you can see where each route spawns.
  • v2.01, 9/10/18: massive update! Added Jungle and Alpe sections. Used Zwift’s background image for increased accuracy and visual appeal. Reformatted routes table to accommodate increasing number of routes. Added additional spawn points. Renamed “Zwift Alps” to “Col du Zwift” for obvious reasons. Rotated the entire map 90 degrees to accommodate all the new roads.
  • v1.11, 3/8/17: added Volcano KOM, updated routes and distance tables
  • v1.10, 1/27/17: added Volcano Expansion routes, updated routing and distance tables
  • v1.02, 5/20/16: updated routes to reflect changes from v1.0.11783 release (“The Pretzel” and “Mountain 8” routes changed substantially).
  • v1.01, 5/5/16: Added new Mountain route which arrived with v1.0.11783 release, deleted “Mountain Route” road title. Changed roads leading from Watopia Pier to standard roads since group features are now live. Removed “course map” from main title. Moved version/date to bottom-left re-arranged elements. Standardized font sizes (enlarged smallest fonts). Also made these changes at the request of Zwift HQ: removed Zwift logo, added permission tagline in footer, changed “Carnival & Staging” to “Watopia Pier”, “Mini Jarvis” to “The Biodome” (Jarvis is more than that iconic tree tunnel), added the name of the bridge by The Esses – JWB (there’s actually a plate on the bridge with these initials).
  • v1.0, 5/2/16: Added course profiles to routes, added snow/fog area icon, moved/resized elements for better poster layout.
  • v0.9, 5/2/16: Upgraded graphics for blimp, hot air balloons, Hank’s, Scotty’s condo and the drive-through university. Enlarged distance points for ease of reading. Added graphics (Zwift logo used by permission and epic KOM ibex). Added text titles for Zwift Alps, Ski Lifts, German Village, Italian Village, and Scotty’s Hillside Condo. Changed bridge tower sizes to reflect game scale where middle is much larger. Changed “Redwood Island” to “Mini Jarvis”. Removed “Observatory Island” title.
  • v0.8, 4/28/16: Added snow line on mountain section, elevation signs, incline/decline road overlays (arrows always point downhill), bridge near waterfall, concrete ring around Redwood Island, island west of Redwood Island. Fixed mileage for B-C, changed Epic KOM elevation to match 373m sign nearby. Made various terrain adjustments to better match game terrain and “best guesses” for mountain sections to the south which cannot be seen.
  • v0.7, 4/22/16: added bridge at end of Ocean Blvd, marina and docks on and near Ocean Blvd, hillside condo before statues, waterfall on Observatory Island, fixed reverse KOM start location, added building next to radio tower, added route details/diagrams.
  • v0.6, 4/14/16: added carnival/group staging pier, distance points, city, and small planes near Spruce Goose.
  • v0.5, 4/11/16: added tunnels and covered pass, Hank’s, bridge spires and updated statues
  • v0.4, 4/8/16: fixed village location, added bridge indicators, spawn point, named Observatory Island, modified land/water contrast for improved, black and white printing.
  • v0.3, 4/7/16: added buildings, changed the sprint banner to checkers for clarity, changed start/finish to orange to match jersey, modified airplane shape to real Spruce Goose.
  • v0.2, 3/31/16: added water and land, distance scale, blimp and hot air balloons, underwater tunnel, KOM elevations, airplane.
  • v0.1, 3/30/16: first version released

About The Author

Eric Schlange

Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava

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11 months ago

This is awesome- but is there any chance you could convert it to a full size/resolution desktop wallpaper image file? Ride on!

2 months ago
Reply to  Travis

I opened it in a PDF reader, then exported it as PNG. Aspect ratio is a little off, but it doesn’t look to bad when stretched to fill a 16:9 screen.

Ben Z. Steinberg
Ben Z. Steinberg
8 months ago

Thanks for the great map. I enjoy it a lot. One question/comment: if I remember correctly, the start point of mountain 8 route is somewhere near point 5 and not point 4.Do I miss it completely? I will appreciate clarifying…

8 months ago

Hi Zwift, how about adding some cafe stops. So we can in game stop, hangout, go pee, automatically pause all current ride stats, then resume when we are fuelled up and ready to drop the hammer home.

Christopher Nichols
Christopher Nichols (@cnichols2000)
7 months ago
Reply to  ross

This is legitimately a great idea and I hope someone there actually listens to it.

Renato Nardello
Renato Nardello (@renato-nardello)
7 months ago

Hi Eric, I understand this is an old post but: is there any way to have a personal watopia heatmap i.e. a map that shows all the routes that a rider has done in watopia (or any other zwfift world), like a strava heatmap?

7 months ago

Existe-t-il une carte pour Londres, New-York, etc…. Ce serait formidable…. Merci

Alex (@alessio-meroni)
7 months ago

Hi Eric, I have ordered this on 4/30, to be shipped to the Netherland. I haven’t received it yet, and even though I understand these are hard times due to COVID, I would still like an answer to my emails, where I ask about the status. Keep up the good work, I love this site, and I look forward to getting my map too :)))

7 months ago

Do you do a version that shows miles and feet instead of km and metres?

2 months ago

The level gates for Jungle and Alpe aren’t consistent between the route map (10+, 12+) and the route references (5+, 6+).

2 months ago

Superb… You think there is any chance that some more maps will be available in the Watopia style. Would like to beef up my pain cave

28 days ago

Looking forward to seeing the Dec 2020 routes added.

27 days ago

Hi Eric I did the download but want to donate $$ and keep downloading updates instead of $20 ship?) bought one in the past but with the updates figure intermittent donation and I may have it either on another screen or smaller pint or who knows. I’ll throw $20 for first one then $10 or maybe you want an easy click for $5 donation in general and “free but $5 donation appreciated” (I’m saying this for me but also as an overall strategy for you I guess.

Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan
24 days ago

Any ETA on the new connecting roads? I was about to order a poster but might wait for the update

23 days ago
Reply to  Michael Hogan

Same here 🙂

3 days ago

Hey there. I like the map, but I just wanted to point out that the red and green gradient arrows are a bit confusing, and I think some of them point the wrong way. I have done many maps, and when using symbols to indicate steep gradients, why not just use a series of arrows pointing uphill (or downhill, but i think for cycling the climbs are more important), and don’t worry about the opposite direction, it will be obvious. So like the red triangle on the climb symbol, repeated, without the lines. I think that might make it clearer.… Read more »

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