All About Zwift’s New BMC Roadmachine Frame

All About Zwift’s New BMC Roadmachine Frame

Zwift’s newest update includes a fresh bike frame from Swiss bike maker BMC: the Roadmachine.

Here’s how the Roadmachine is described in the Zwift Drop Shop:

“Meet the Roadmachine: the bike that truly does it all. Rooted in endurance, the frame has been revised to perfection and added more compliance-boosting attributes to make this bike your go-to choice for all-day adventures. As BMC’s highest performing all-arounder, it’s designed to go the distance with resolve. After all, what use is a road without the Roadmachine?”

The frame is rated 2 stars for aero and 3 for weight on Zwift, so even before testing it we knew it wouldn’t be a top aero or climbing bike. As it says in the Drop Shop, this is BMC’s all-arounder. You’ll have to be level 21+ to purchase it in game, at a price of 780,900 Drops.

The BMC Roadmachine, IRL

We ran this frame through our standard tests to learn how it performs in game. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the new BMC Roadmachine in Zwift.

Aero Performance

The Roadmachine turns in a flat test time matching the newly-released Van Rysel EDR CF frame. This places it near the bottom of the pile in terms of aero performance, with a flat test percentile ranking of 11%.

The BMC Roadmachine’s flat test time is 51:34.5. By comparison, the fastest frame in game (Cervelo S5 2020) turns in a time of 51:17.5, and the BMC SLR01 turns in a time of 51:33.5. (Our test course is two laps of Tempus Fugit, which totals 34.6km.)

Climb Performance

The Roadmachine climbs Alpe du Zwift in a time of 49:24, giving it a percentile ranking of 24%.

By comparison, the standard Zwift aero frame turns in a time of 49:31, and the Specialized Aethos completes the test is 48:49. (The older BMC SLR01 frame is 15 seconds faster than the Roadmachine, turning in a time of 49:09.)

Note: all test results above are from a 75kg, 183cm rider holding 300W steady using Zwift’s stock 32mm carbon wheelset.


While the BMC Roadmachine’s modern angular looks appeal to some riders, its performance on Zwift will not. Ranked at 11% on flats and 24% on climbs, we sincerely hope that this isn’t a reflection of the IRL frame’s abilities, since it ranks 57th out of the 63 road frames currently in game in terms of all-arounder performance.

The Roadmachine’s numbers can be found on the following posts, and we’ve added it to our Master Zwift Frames List:

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Mike C
10 days ago

I own this bike IRL and think its Zwift performance is perfectly fair. It’s a nice looking bike for old men who don’t want to ride a race bike. It’s heavy, slow, and comfortable. A Cadillac, if you will.

10 days ago

Surely Zwift can implement a more sophisticated model for game performance of bikes. Like for an endurance focused bike add something in to reflect less rider fatigue the longer the ride and make the effect more pronounced the lower the rider level/higher age etc.

It would make the game more fun as it will open up bike choice both shopping wise and for rides.

Carsten Re. from Germany
Carsten Re. from Germany
10 days ago

Since long time ago, we have here a Newcomer you can buy AT ONCE without being afraid of slowing him down in the next minor update 😉

9 days ago

Merida、 LOOK、CEEPO、Wilier,many brand havnt’ show up

7 days ago

Slightly off topic. I would love to see a hand cycle bike available in the drop shop. See way too many hand cyclists on Zwift riding normal avatar bike. Let’s reward them

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