Links Every Zwifter Must Have

  • it may seem silly to list this first, but this is the place to log in and edit your profile, link up your Strava and other accounts, and more.
  • Zwift Ride Calendar: want to join in a group ride or race? Here’s the official calendar from ZwiftHQ.
  • Zwift Riders Facebook Group: a large and active community discussing all things Zwift.

Honorable Mention (Helpful Links, but Not Required Reading)

  • the place to go for race results (including live results during a race!) Anyone racing on Zwift should register here and link up their Strava account.
  • Zwift Support Forum: the official community forum of Zwift. Quite active and helpful.
  • Zwiftcast: listen to each episode while you ride for a big dose of all things Zwift. Includes interviews with Zwift employees plus other movers and shakers in the Zwift community.
  • What’s on Zwift?: a detailed visual archive of Zwift workouts (built-in workouts plus add-ons). Maintained by Laurens Alblas.
  • Zwiftalizer: upload your Zwift log and view performance metrics, browse benchmarks of different types of hardware on Zwift, and more.
  • ZwiftGPS: a helpful app for tracking yourself and anyone you follow live with a map on a second screen (phone, tablet, second monitor, etc). Chase your Strava PRs and more!

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