This page includes route maps and basic details for all Zwift routes on the Richmond course.

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2015 UCI Worlds Course

The Richmond UCI Worlds route is a replica of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships course in Richmond, Virginia, USA. It was at this race where Peter Sagan famously attacked on 23rd Street to eventually win his first World Champs jersey.

It’s a wonderful race course, with the first half very flat, then a nice mix of attackable climbs on the back half.

Distance: 16.3km (10.1 miles)
Elevation Gain: 142m (467′)

Strava Forward 1 Lap

Prefer Flat Roads

Richmond’s “Prefer Flat Roads” option, also known as “Richmond Flat”, is the flattest route currently available on Zwift, with only 13m (43′) of elevation gain per 5km (3.1 mile) lap.

The route also includes the Monument Avenue sprint segment, making this a favorite course for multi-lap flat crits with sprint points.

There is a short lead-in from the start banner to the beginning of your lap, so we’ve created two Strava segments, one covering the lead in plus a lap, and the other covering subsequent laps.

Route details:
Distance: 5km (3.1 miles)
Elevation Gain: 13m (43′)

Strava Forward 1 LapStrava Forward from Start Banner

Prefer Hilly Roads

Richmond’s “Prefer Hilly Roads” option, also known as “Richmond Hilly”, is one of the punchier routes on Zwift, with 126m (413′) of elevation gain per 9.2km (5.7 miles) lap.

The route also includes timed KOM segments for curvy, cobbled Libby Hill and short, steep, straight 23rd Street. The third climb (Governor Street) isn’t timed, but it’s often the longest and most painful as it leads into the false-flat finish.

Route details:
Distance: 9.2km (5.7 miles)
Elevation Gain: 126m (413′)

Strava Forward 1 Lap