As a GPS-perfect replica of a grand tour stage, this route is a first for Zwift. The Bologna “Time Trial Lap” route is a replica of the Giro d’Italia prologue TT stage raced on May 11, 2019.

Route Profile

The first 3km of this route are actually slightly downhill–enjoy it while it lasts! The next 3km are a false flat. Then you hit the flat right-hand hairpin at 6km it’s a hard 2k climb to the finish.

The climb averages 9.6%, with a total elevation gain of 198m (649′).

Most Zwifters spend roughly half of their race on the flat portion of the course, and half on the climb. For pacing tips on this route read “How to Pace Your Best Bologna TT Race“.


If you aren’t half-blind from an all-out effort you can enjoy some of the landmarks painstakingly recreated by Zwift’s artists. We begin at Piazza Maggiore, which is the main square in the heart of Bologna. Other sights here include the Basilica di San Petronio and Fountain of Neptune.

Next, we cover some cobbled streets lined with arcades, past Porta San Felice (the westernmost gate of medieval Bologna).

The climb begins at Arco del Meloncello with a sharp right hairpin. You’ll know you’re halfway up the climb when you hit another right hairpin and go under the stone arch. When you see the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca you’ll know you’re almost there. And when you see the giant Scottie inflatable, give it all you’ve got over the line!

About Multi-Lap Events

Single-lap events on this route are straightforward enough: it’s 8km (5 miles) long, beginning at the start line and ending at the top of the climb.

But what about multi-lap events? Many races held on Bologna TT are 2-lap events, but that’s a rather confusing way to describe them. The best way to understand this is to know that a “lap” on Bologna TT is just one time riding from the start to the hilltop finish. Descending back to the start line isn’t counted as a “lap” in any way.

Therefore, a 2-lap event on this route means you still begin at the standard start line, climb to the top, descend down to the start again, turn around, then climb to the top once more. Your event will end atop the second climb, for a total length of 24km (15 miles).

Event Only

Bologna TT is an event-only course, meaning you can only get on the course if you join an event being held there.

Want to free-ride the course? Join the event, then click to leave the event. You will remain on the course after leaving the event.

Route Details

Distance: 8km (5 miles)
Elevation Gain: 230m (757′)
Strava SegmentStrava Segment (Reverse)Strava Segment (Out and Back)Strava Segment (Flat Only)Strava Segment (Climb Only)