Steering was launched less than a week ago as a Zwift FutureWorks test, and ever since we’ve seen lots of questions from riders who want to test it out but can’t find the new course.

We’re here to help, with a quick guide to finding and riding Zwift’s new MTB course: Repack Ridge!

Zwift Companion Required

Make sure you have Zwift Companion installed and running on your mobile device, (ideally) mounted on your handlebars.

It must be running and connected to your live Zwift session (you should see your arrow moving on the map as you ride) in order for you to gain access to ride Repack Ridge.

Zwift Companion is required in order to access the steering demo because steering only works through the Zwift Companion app on your mobile phone.

Where Is It?

Zwift’s new Repack Ridge MTB course is a one-way side trail off of the Titans Grove. Here you can see its location in relation to downtown Watopia and other points of interest.

If you enter Titans Grove from the north and ride south for another 2 miles you will arrive at the trailhead, which is on the right.

Which Route Do I Choose?

There is no route choice which puts you directly on Repack Ridge–the best you can do is choose a route which will take you to the trailhead after a few miles of riding.

Choose “Dust In the Wind“, “Muir and the Mountain” or “Quatch Quest” Watopia routes for the most direct line to the new trail. This way you won’t need to select any manual turns until the (?) prompt comes up near the new trail (see below).

Riding the Course

As long as Zwift Companion is connected to your ride, and you approach the trailhead from the north, you should get an intersection popup where you can choose to turn right onto Repack Ridge. It looks like this:

Select the right turn (?) and you will be taken to the start of the trail, where you must confirm that you want to try the Zwift Steering Test.

Then just center your bars (with the phone mounted on them) and proceed as directed. Have fun! It’s time to unlock that Zwift Mountain bike!