Watopia’s “Road to Sky” route is the shortest route which includes Alpe du Zwift, a massive climb modeled after the iconic Alp d’Huez.

About the Alpe

Zwift created this route using GPS data to perfectly match the incline and distance of the storied climb with its 21 hairpin turns. The climb to Alp d’Huez actually has two different finish points: the “tourist version” and the Tour de France version. Alpe du Zwift matches the tourist version, which is ~2km shorter with 40 meters less climbing than the TdF. In all, Alpe du Zwift is 12.24km (7.6 miles) long, with a total elevation gain of over 1000 meters (3400′)! Read more >

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Route Description

If you choose this route for a freeride you’ll begin just a few hundred yards before the jungle start pens. Events on Road to Sky now begin in the jungle start pens.

So whatever type of ride you’re doing, you’ll drop into the jungle, wave to the sloth and enjoy a little gravel riding before you hang a right and head up the Alpe.

The route ends at the KOM banner atop Alpe du Zwift.

Level Restriction

Like all Alpe routes, Road to Sky is restricted to Zwifters level 12 and up unless you access it through an official group ride.

Want to ride it anyway? Here are a few ways to make that happen.

Route details:
Distance: 17.3 km (10.7 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1045m (3430′)
Strava Forward Segment


  • 11/29/19: updated to reflect the new spawn point. Zwift changed it from beginning on the pier near the seaplane to beginning a few hundred meters before the new jungle start pens.