Certain portions of Watopia are level-locked, meaning you must be at a certain level as a Zwift rider in order to access them. (Learn about levels, XP, and unlocks here.)

Level-Locked Routes/Areas

The Mayan Jungle is locked at level 5+, and Alpe du Zwift is locked at level 6+.

Because these areas are level-locked, routes which access these areas are also level-locked:

Note: these level locks all make sense except for Dust in the Wind, which should be locked at 5+ since it accesses the Jungle but not the Alpe.

If you don’t meet the level requirement, you will be unable to select the routes above from the route picker menu. But there are still ways to ride these routes even if you don’t meet the level requirement!

Accessing a Level-Locked Route

  • Group Event: you can join a group event even if it is held on a level-locked route. Pro tip: if you want to filter events by route, use the ZwiftHacks events tool and enter the route name in the “Search Route Name” field. For example, here are all upcoming events on the Jungle Circuit route.
  • “Ride With”: at the ride startup screen, you can select a rider who is on a restricted portion of the course and click “Ride With” to be placed in the game with that rider. This even works if the rider hasn’t yet entered the restricted portion of the course!
  • Meetup: a rider with access to the restricted route can create a Meetup to ride that route, and invite you to it. You have to be a follower of the Meetup organizer in order for this to happen. Learn more about Meetups >

A note about Meetups: there seems to be a bug in Meetups for certain routes. In our tests, if we chose “Road to Sky” or “Jungle Circuit” as the routes, our riders were placed at the correct spawn points but facing the wrong direction, taking us away from the restricted portions we wanted to test. And there are no u-turns in Meetups!

Some routes seem to work, though: Tour of Fire and Ice started us in the right direction. It just takes longer to get to the restricted Jungle/Alpe from there.

The Best Solution: Level Up!

Of course, the best solution is to just level up. Based on our calculations, it should take less than 8 hours of riding to reach level 6. So stop reading, and start riding!