One of five routes rolled out with Zwift’s Titans Grove expansion, “Dust In the Wind” covers Titans Grove twice, as well as Fuego Flats, part of Ocean Boulevard, and a Mayan Jungle out and back.

Along the way you’ll encounter a fair amount of virtual dirt/gravel road, so you might consider using a gravel bike so you can move to the front of the pack and make everyone else eat your dust!

Route Description

Begin by turning left off of Fuego Flats into Titans Grove reverse. You’ll ride through Titans Grove (north to south), and our Strava segment begins at the top of the Titans Grove KOM.

Descend from the KOM, finish your ride through the redwoods, then turn right and descend down to Ocean Boulevard. Take Ocean Boulevard until you hang a left at the windmills to head to the Mayan Jungle.

Ride the Jungle loop (clockwise), then climb out and return the way you came. Turn right when you hit Ocean Boulevard at the windmills, riding toward downtown Watopia. But you’ll hang a right toward Fuego Flats before you reach downtown.

After crossing the bridge you’ll turn right into Titans Grove to ride it once again in the same direction as before. But at the end, you will turn left and head into Saddle Springs then into the desert to finish your ride at the rock arch finish.


None of the climbs here are particularly long or steep, but you will accumulate a fair amount of elevation over the full route.

Route details:
Distance: 47.3km (29.4 miles) + 5km (3.1 miles) lead-in
Elevation Gain: 413m (1354′)
Strava Segment

Start/Finish and Achievement Badge Notes

Since this route does not begin near a start/finish banner and your actual spawn location will vary a bit, we chose the first banner you ride through as the start point for our Strava segment.

This banner is the Titans Grove reverse KOM banner, which means you have a 5km lead in with a bit of climbing before the official Strava segment begins.

The route ends (and you will receive an achievement badge) the first time you ride through the desert start/finish arch.


Dec 16, 2019: updated segment to begin at the Titans Grove KOM and end at the desert arch. Updated text descriptions accordingly.