Zwift’s new Mayan Jungle course expansion is only available to Zwifters at Level 10 or higher. This is the first time ZwiftHQ has ever restricted new roads based on rider level, and it is definitely motivating Zwift newbies to level up.

So what does it take to reach level 10? If you don’t understand how Zwift’s points system works, read Zwift Basics: points, levels and unlocks first. Based on that information, we can easily calculate you’ll need 16,000 points (XP) to hit level 10.

So how do you get those points, and just how much work will it take? Here’s one way to do it, with the numbers broken down:

  • Riding the Flat Route on Watopia gets you 206 XP for the distance alone (10.3km x 20 XP).
  • You would also receive 10 points for completing the sprint section each lap.
  • We’ll keep it simple and estimate you’ll get the Small Bonus power-up 1/4 of the time when you ride through the sprint or start/finish banner. That means, on average, you’ll get an extra 10 XP every other lap–or 5 XP per lap.
  • Add it all up and each Flat Route lap will see you receiving 221 XP on average.
  • If you average 35km/hr you will complete a Flat Route lap in 17:39. Let’s round that to 20 minutes.
  • 221 XP every 20 minutes equals 663 XP per hour of riding.
  • 16,000/663=24.13 hours needed to hit 16,000 XP.

So there you have it. Just ride the Flat Route at 35km/hr for 24 hours, and you’re in. BOOM.

Bonus: Level 10 gets you the ZIPP 808’s… the fastest wheelset on Zwift, based on our speed tests!

The jungle is calling! See you in 24 hours…