Watopia’s “Tour of Fire and Ice” begins in the lava and ends in freezing snow above the treeline. It’s a tour of Watopian extremes!

The route begins at the Volcano banner, then takes you to where the Road to Sky route begins. Therefore, this route is basically Road to Sky with~7 miles and a few hundred feet of climbing added.

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Route Description

Events on this route begin at the downtown Watopia start pier, while free-ride efforts begin at the Volcano Circuit banner. After passing through the Volcano banner you head directly across the land bridge, up the twisty dirt climb to the Italian Villas, then turn right onto Ocean Boulevard to ride through the fishing village and head up the short climb that marks the beginning of the Epic KOM reverse.

But instead of completing the Epic KOM reverse, we hang a right toward the Jungle, climbing a bit then descending to the dirt road of the Jungle Loop. Then it’s a right turn to take us to the bottom of Zwift’s longest climb: Alpe du Zwift. Hope you brought your climbing legs (and climbing bike)!

Level 12+ Required

You must be at level 12+ to free-ride this route, since it includes the Alpe which is level-locked at 12. Want to ride it anyway? Read How to Access Level-Locked Portions of Watopia >

Route details:
Distance: 25 km (15.6 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1161m (3812′)
Strava Forward Segment