Zwift Over the Past Year

Zwift Over the Past Year

Back in November 2017 Zwift announced a price increase of $5/month. The Zwiftiverse went abuzz with the news, even though Zwifters were grandfathered into the old price for a year. I was curious whether Zwift would be worth the increased price, so I listed out some of the major things Zwift brought us during the previous year, concluding, “If they’ve done all that with our $10/month, ‘$15 Zwift’ is only going to be better.”

It’s been a year since that announcement, so let’s see what happened in the world of Zwift during the year of “grandfathered pricing.” Please note this list highlights the big stuff. Many smaller features and bug fixes happened as well!

Here’s what our courses looked like in December 2017:

Getting rid of the title music alone is worth $5 more per month to me! Besides that, we got two new worlds, several new routes and some really great features. What do you think?

Here’s what our courses look like today:

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Monica Schlange

Monica wears many hats but the two most important to her are: Mom of two teens, and Wife to Zwift Insider editor Eric. A casual cyclist, her resolve is stronger than her legs, which still gets her pretty far! She enjoys trying new things on Zwift that others find intimidating so she can write about the experience and inspire others to push themselves as well.

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