Zwift Academy Women’s Finals Race

The Zwift Academy races are one of the most anticipated highlights of Zwift racing. We’ve covered the Academy extensively in other posts, but here, we offer to you the video of the final race itself. Jump right into the action!

Zwift Pain Cave Setup Hacks

Our first pain cave video features again Brian Davis. The strength of his approach is in the detail that he put into building the cave. The cool thing: it’s actually not a high-budget project.

Updated Zwift Setup

Cameron takes us on a tour through his pain cave. It’s not our only pain cave video of this week, so watch them both and get a feel for similarities and contrasts.

Zero to 1000km in 2 Months on Zwift

One of several vlog videos in this series, King of the Phil just very recently joined Zwift. As he recovers from injury, he takes a camera to film his process. In this episode, he sets up the context of his experience.

My thoughts on Zwift Meetup (first virtual Pop group ride)

Zwift Meetup came to Zwift with the release of Zwift Companion 3.0. It’s an interesting function, but how effectively does it really work in practice? This video might have the answer.