Zwift Community All-Stars Dream Team Announced

Zwift Community All-Stars Dream Team Announced

Another team has been added to the KISS Super League, and this time it’s not a pro team: it’s handpicked riders from the Zwift community! Here’s the video announcement from Zwift showing off the All-Star’s team kit:

Team captain Kim Little picked the All-Stars from a mix of Zwift teams, and this powerhouse group of riders includes three Zwift national champs. Every one of these guys is a top racer in their own way, although they each have a unique mix of strengths. Click to view their results and power details on Zwift Power:

  • Tim Cartwright (UK) of KISS Racing Team is a very experienced Zwift racer, with the strongest TT power on the team in terms of pure watts (427 watts, 5.7 w/kg).
  • Mathieu Drujon (France) of Vision is a former pro rider who can hold 396 watts for 20 minutes but also sprint with the best of them. France’s national Zwift champion, he is a solid TT contender, especially on flatter routes.
  • Kim Little (UK) of Team X is a super strong rider with Zwift experience to match. He’s the reigning UK Zwift national champ and has a well-timed and strong sprint backed with the knowledge to get him there.
  • Justin Purificati (Canada) of TeamODZ has been around Zwift for a long time, and he has the strength and cunning to be a contender in every race.
  • Casey Schumm (USA) of Team X is the most experienced racer on the team apart from captain Kim Little. With 445 races under his belt, Casey isn’t the strongest in terms of watts, but he has the smarts to consistently finish near the top.
  • Lionel Vujasin (Belgium) of RCC is a top amateur cyclocross rider. He won CVR Vancouver, and his 20-minute power of 405 watts (5.86 w/kg!) is the best on the team in terms of w/kg. Super strong!
  • Stevie Young (UK) of Innovation is a fierce competitor with a beastly sprint. He is currently ranked #1 in the Zwift Power racing points standings, and you don’t get there by accident.
  • Adam Zimmerman (USA) of Team DRAFT is the current Zwift USA national champ and ranked #2 in the Zwift Power racing points standings. Adam won the CVR LA finals with his crazy strong sprint, but he also climbs very well.

About the League

More details are being revealed about the structure of the league races. We now know that each team will be made up of 8 riders selected prior to the first round which begins January 23rd. Four racers from each team will be selected for each race round, and the overall standings will be based on points.

The strategic element of choosing riders best-suited for each round, along with the inclusion of well-known community race teams will surely make the KISS Super League an exciting series of events.

More On the Way

Zwift has said a second community team will be announced soon, along with additional pro teams. The women’s league will begin in February and follow a similar model of pro teams and community teams.

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