Riding with others in organized social rides, workouts, and races is what makes the Zwift experience stand out from everything else in the indoor riding space. Of course, to ride with others you must pick an event and join!

Sometimes tracking down the right event to fit your schedule and needs can be a bit of a challenge, but never fear: there are many ways to see upcoming events on Zwift. Find them via the Companion app or Zwift’s website, or (my personal favorite) the filterable/searchable ZwiftHacks Events app.

Now Mike Hanney, the genius coder behind Zwiftalizer, has released an Amazon Alexa skill so your Echo device can audibly list upcoming Zwift events. Here’s a quick demo from my living room this morning:  


“Alexa, enable The Jarvis Tree”


Use commands like the following and Alexa will begin to list events:

“Alexa, ask The Jarvis Tree to get events at 8pm”

“Alexa, ask The Jarvis Tree to get rides tomorrow at 5:30am”

“Alexa, ask The Jarvis Tree what’s happening on Saturday at 11am”

Learn more about “The Jarvis Tree” skill at Amazon.com >

Future Upgrades?

Here are two upgrades I’d like to see to The Jarvis Tree:

  1. Filter by event type (“Alexa, ask The Jarvis Tree what races are happening tomorrow at 8am”)
  2. Filter by course (“Alexa, ask The Jarvis Tree what rides are happening in New York today at 6pm”)

Any other ideas? Comment below!

Keep up the good work, Mike!