From using PowerUps to bike selection and course tactics, this episode is full of ways you can nudge your way up the result sheet. Topics include:

  • Race types, including less traditional races such as pursuits, handicaps, and hill climbs
  • Starting your race (it’s worth digging deep!)
  • Drafting: double draft, Zwift accuracy and more
  • Sprint finish tips
  • Powerups: which ones to use when
  • New hill climb race routes including Alpe du Zwift and after party routes
  • Kit selection: choosing the fastest equipment
  • Tactics for different courses
  • Using Zwift racing in your training

Note: the coaches discuss how helmet choice affects your speed in game. We at Zwift Insider have a different opinion, at least with the current crop of helmets…

About the Podcast:

The Zwift Coaching Podcast features training tips from host Matt Rowe (Rowe & King), with regular co-hosts Greg Henderson (Coach Hendy) and Kev Poulton (Powerhouse Cycling).