Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of April 22-23

With Tour of Watopia 2023 recently coming to a close, riders can expect to see an increase in community event sign-ups! The notable events for this weekend include beginner-friendly rides, a memorial ride, a fundraiser, and an extremely popular Zwift race.

🤝 PACK 1.5 Saturday Coffee

✅ Beginner Friendly  ✅ Sweet Unlock ✅ Innovative format ✅ Women-Only Option

✅ Beginner Friendly

Looking for a relaxing way to start off the weekend? Join team PACK for their 60-minute Saturday Coffee ride. This ride will be held at a steady 1.5 w/kg and will not exceed 33 kph (20.5 mph) on the flats. There will also be a number of sweepers present in this ride to help riders who are struggling off the back of the group. 

Riders will be spinning around the Island Outskirts course in the Makuri Islands for 60 minutes.

Saturday, Apr 22 @ 8:30am UTC/4:30am EDT
Sign up at

🥇 CRYO-GEN Memorial Ride for Robert

✅ Feel Good Factor  ✅ Popular Event

Robert, an influential member of Cryo-Gen, and founder of team NTS (Not Too Strong) passed away due to a rare form of cancer just last month. To honor him, Cryo-Gen is organizing a group ride to help remember him and raise money for his chosen charity. The leader will be holding around 2 w/kg throughout the duration of this event.

Join team Cryo-Gen for this 120-minute ride on the Watopia’s Waistband course. Note: this event already has a good number of sign-ups, so expect a large turnout!

Saturday, Apr 22 @ 11am UTC/7am EDT/4am PDT
Sign up at

🤝 24 Hour Ryde-a-Thon (2 hour rides x 12)

✅ Feel Good Factor ✅ Extra Tough

As another ride honoring those who have passed, this 24-hour Ryde-a-Thon is taking place this weekend in the form of 2-hour blocks. This will allow riders to join every two hours and increase participation in this event. In addition to this, the organizers are aiming to help raise money for the Special Olympics Cayman Islands, who look to use the funds to support their athletes going to the world games in Germany. These events are openly paced, so riders are free to go at whatever pace they would like.

All of the events are 120 minutes long and take place on different courses throughout Zwift.

Multiple time slots throughout the weekend
Browse Ryde-a-Thon events on Zwift Hacks

🥇 Zwift Beginners Ride with Project Sloth

✅ Beginner Friendly

As part of Zwift’s Beginners Ride series, Project Sloth will host a rubberbanded group ride this weekend. Project Sloth’s goal is to create an inclusive environment that is beginner friendly. 

This 60-minute group ride is held on the Watopia Flat Route, a great course for a beginner-friendly ride. Since the rubberbanding mode is enabled on this ride, expect the total distance covered to be a bit less than a traditional free ride or group ride.

Special settings: rubberbanding

Sunday, Apr 23 @ 12pm UTC/8am EDT/5am PDT
Sign up at

🤝 Chasing Tour | Chasing Liege

✅ Popular event  ✅ Highly competitive

Once again, the Chasing Tour is the most popular event throughout all of its time slots. This massively successful series replicates races that occur around the same time IRL. The 2023 Liège–Bastogne–Liège takes place this weekend, so the Chasing Liege event will be following a similar terrain on Zwift.

This weekend there will be four opportunities to complete this race. All of the Chasing Liege events follow 6 laps of the Loch Loop course in Scotland.

Multiple time slots throughout the weekend
Browse Chasing Liege events on Zwift Hacks

How We Make Our Picks

We choose each weekend’s Notable Events based on a variety of factors including:

  • Is the event unique/innovative in some way?
  • Are celebrities (pro riders, etc) attending/leading?
  • Are signup counts already high, meaning the event is extra-popular?
  • Does the ride include desirable unlocks or prizes?
  • Does the event appeal to ladies on Zwift? (We like to support this under-represented group!)
  • Is it for a good cause?
  • Is it just plain crazy (extra long races, world record attempts, etc)?
  • Is it a long-running, popular weekly event with a dedicated leader who deserves a shout out?

In the end, we want to call attention to events that are extra-special and therefore extra-appealing to Zwifters. If you think your event qualifies, comment below with a link/details and we may just include it in an upcoming post!

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

Oli Chi
Oli Chi
Oliver is a Zwift enthusiast who spends lots of time riding and racing on Zwift. While much of Oliver's time is spent being a kid, he manages to make time to create content about Zwift on his blog and YouTube channel ZRace Central.


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Mike Hardy
Mike Hardy
7 months ago

If anyone is thinking of trying the Chasing Tour out, welcome! I’m not an official person for the tour but I’ve been enjoying it so I thought I would share two important notes: 1- To find the right pen to join, make sure you are in and then check (a new way to categorize riders…). Base your pen choice on’s ranking – bronze is pen D, silver is pen C, gold is pen B, platinum+ is in pen A. If you get it wrong, you will be forgiven though, so do your best to pick the right… Read more »

Jeffrey anthony
Jeffrey anthony
7 months ago

will there be any fondo events during the week. i work weekends and I seem to miss when you have those event s.

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