Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of September 11-12

Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of September 11-12

This week has been particularly busy for me in terms of articles and all Zwift-related things. So to give you a little peak into my day to day Zwift life, the events I am highlighting for the weekend all relate to Zwift activities I have been involved with during the week. Ride on!

For the Ladies: Rapha Women’s 100

Many of you ladies have been training for the big Rapha Women’s 100 ride which happens this weekend. Do it on Zwift or do it outdoors! Read all about it here, then follow the link below to find a Zwift event that fits your calendar.

Multiple dates and times, see all upcoming >

Zwift Academy Workout # 2 – Peak VO2 Intervals

The Zwift Academy Workout series is tough.  Only two sessions down and they certainly feel harder than last year.  Either they are harder or age is catching up with me. I like to think the first but probably the later!

Academy Workout #2 consists of 6 intervals with decreasing power.  You hold a high wattage for 30 seconds, then it decreases a bit for another minute before decreasing the last bit for the final minute.  Repeat 6 times, with minimal rest.   The description in the blurb reads “This session is focused on stressing your peak VO2 early in each interval, then maintaining that level of oxygen consumption before continuing at a level that really works your aerobic system.”

I love the phrase “really works your aerobic system” – I think mine, along with a few others in the group, was on overload.  It’s daunting at the start and just a question of hanging in there.  I couldn’t imagine struggling through that session without the support and witty jokes on the group.  The sense of achievement for completing offset my fatigued state in the end.   This is a “must do” event.

Multiple dates and times, see all upcoming >

Triathletes on Zwift Saturday Endurance Workout

This week I caught up with Zwift Intern Leony Boudreau to chat about the amazing 2021 Zwift Internship programme that has just completed.  Next year’s programme is soon to launch and applications are to be accepted imminently, so if you are an undergraduate based in the US and would like the opportunity to work at Zwift during your summer vacation, then keep an eye on their job board.

Anyway, Leony was telling me how she is getting into triathlon, so Leony, this training session is for you.  Ride On!

Saturday, September 11 @ 2:05pm CEST/1:05pm BST/8:05am EDT/5:05am PDT
Event details and signup at

LEQP Provence Badge Hunter Series

Whilst enjoying a Thursday ride with Rich and his team from Castelli in their weekly “Roll with Castelli” event, a fellow Zwifter requested that Zwift Insider run another PRL Full event.  I promised to pass the message on to Eric, but in the meantime, I found the next best thing for the Zwifter on my ride and that is the PRL Half, with the L’Equipe Provence Badge Hunter group. 

I really enjoy these rides.  Always well organised, well attended and most of all, good fun.  If you are going to spend a few hours in the saddle, I would recommend doing it with this team.

Sunday, September 12 @ 8:30am CEST/7:30am BST
Event details and signup at

3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race

I won’t spoil the surprise, but my Mountain Massif TT series is expanding and the new event is going to commence on Friday 17th September. 

What I can tell you is that it going to be big, so keep checking back here on Zwift Insider to learn more.  I recommend getting in a bit of training in preparation, so I have highlighted this race, on one of my favourite routes, Road to Sky.

Sunday, September 12 @ 4:35pm CEST/3:35pm BST/10:35am EDT/7:35am PDT
Event details and signup at

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

About The Author

Tim Perkin

Tim is a six-year cancer survivor who has finally regained and surpassed pre-cancer fitness levels through the intense use of Zwift. For news about good events on Zwift follow him on Twitter @GoZwiftTim.

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Miss Biberli
6 days ago

Team Valhalla [TV] is hosting the first Race to Valhalla. A challenging and hilly course for all categories including a women‘s only category. Sign up and find more information here:

6 days ago

Congrats on your races expanding! They are so much fun

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