Rapha Women’s 100 Events Announced

Rapha Women’s 100 Events Announced

The Rapha Women’s 100 is an annual event in which thousands of women worldwide ride 100 kilometers in one go. 2021 is the event’s 9th year, and the big day is Sunday, September 12th. On that day, ladies everywhere are invited to complete the challenge outdoors… or on Zwift!

If 100km seems too long, never fear: there is a 4-week series of workouts beginning this week to help you get prepared. More on that below, along with other details…

Sign Up on Strava

This challenge really “lives” on Strava, so be sure you’ve got a Strava account, and your account is hooked to your Zwift account. Because you want to make sure when September 12th rolls around, your big ride counts!

Then just join the Strava challenge and finish the 100km ride on September 12 to earn your Rapha #Womens100 badge for 2021. Bonus: everyone who finishes the challenge also earns the chance to win a limited edition Canyon Ultimate CF SL 8 WMN W100 bike.

Kit Unlock

Finish one of the Zwift Rapha Women’s 100 events on September 12th to unlock the beautiful in-game kit. You can also purchase the IRL version here.

Schedule of Events

Workout Series

Former pro road and track cyclist Dani Rowe has put together a 4-week series of workouts to help you get prepared for the big ride

  • Workout #1, Aug 18-20: This workout is designed to help improve your ability to produce high power in short duration and is useful for short and steep climbs. Details and sign up >
  • Workout #2, Aug 23-27: This workout hits all the fundamentals of endurance cycling training. This is where we try to replicate the demands of your target event (the Rapha Women’s 100) – high volume at a low intensity. Details and sign up >
  • Workout #3, Aug 30-Sep 3: Endurance – you will complete two blocks of efforts, each containing a set of ’20-40’s’ to develop fatigue resistance, before settling into a long pyramid effort where you will ramp up the intensity. Details and sign up >
  • Workout #4, Sep 6-9: The final workout is designed to develop your climbing skills by replicating the demands of short, punchy climbs. Details and sign up >

Rapha Women’s 100 Events

Four events are scheduled for Sunday, September 12th. Rides will be led by Dani Rowe and RCC members. Events are all 100km long and held on London’s “Triple Loops” route, so plan for around 2.5 laps of the route (unless you late join, which is allowed). That should tally up to around 1360 m (4461′) of climbing.

  • 8:30pm AEST/11:30am BST/6:30am EDT
  • 6:30pm BST/1:30pm EDT/10:30am PDT
  • 7:30pm EDT/4:30pm PDT
  • 10:30pm EDT/7:30pm PDT

See entire event schedule >

You may also complete the ride on Zwift yourself as a free ride. (It will still count toward the Strava Challenge, but you won’t unlock the cool kit!)

Need additional guidance? Get more Rapha Women’s 100 tips from Dani >

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1 month ago

Such a shame that no consideration seems to have been give to Aussie time zones. 8:30pm is not a time most people would consider starting a 100km ride…I hope zwift/rapha consider adding a time that Aussie women can practically join!

16 days ago

Would’ve been nice to allow men to join the Zwift event.

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