Zwift has released the details for Tour of Watopia, and the most exciting part (for us, anyway) is the new game features which the Tour will show off. First, we have new event options (see notes under stages below) which will surely be used in other events moving forward. These allow events to be run at night, to always give out helpful powerups, to be run as a TT race, etc.

Most exciting of all is the new “Tempus Fugit” flat route which will be unveiled on (or before) May 6th. This appears to be the much-anticipated Watopia flat expansion.

We’ll be publishing more about these new features as information becomes available. For now, here’s what we know about the upcoming Tour of Watopia.

Invisible Row
Stage 1 - Road to Ruins - April 2-7

This stage appears to be using a new Zwift feature which allows events to run at a particular time of day for all participants. “Night mode” will have us all riding the Jungle in the dark. Bring your flashlights! Or ride your flashlights, as everyone will be on a the Tron bike for this stage.

  • Route: Road to Ruins
  • Distance: 29.6km (18.4 mi)
  • Elevation: 268m (905 ft)

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Stage 2 - Volcano Circuit - April 8-14

This stage appears to be using a new Zwift feature which allows events to hand out only helpful powerups (probably the aero helmet, van, and feather) at each arch.

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Stage 3 - Jungle Circuit - April 15-21

For the first time ever on a Zwift stage tour, we’ll be riding this event together as a group workout. Jon’s Mix for all!

  • Route: Jungle Circuit
  • Distance and elevation unknown (based on group speed).

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Stage 4 - Figure 8 - April 22-28

This stage appears to be using a new Zwift feature which gives the big XP bonus at each arch. Time to level up! 

  • Route: Figure 8
  • Distance: 29.8km (18.4 mi)
  • Elevation: 234m (770 ft)

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Stage 5 - Tempus Fugit - May 6-12

It’s new roads day!

By the looks of it, Stage 5 will have us riding on the much-anticipated Watopia expansion. Here’s what the event page says:

We have a surprise for you in Stage 5.

We’re bringing a whole new climate to Zwift. A little bit of California here. A little bit of Arizona there. Some Utah. And a dash of Colorado. Shake well and serve. We can’t wait for you to ride it. Remember to stay hydrated and keep the dust out of your eyes.

Finish this stage to unlock the 2019 Tour of Watopia kit.

The new route appears quite flat–flatter than any other route on Zwift, in fact. Perfect for a TT course! Tempus Fugit is Latin for “Time Flies” so our guess is this is exactly what Zwift has in mind. This stage looks like it will be run in double draft mode.

  • Route: Tempus Fugit (NEW!)
  • Distance: ~18km (11.2 mi)
  • Elevation: ~25m (82 ft)

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Stage 6 - Watopia Flat - May 13-19

This stage appears to be using a new “Against the Clock” event mode for TT’s. We’re not sure what this will look like exactly, but it looks like new features for TT races are being rolled out so that’s exciting.

  • Route: Watopia Flat
  • Distance: 30.9km (19.2 mi)
  • Elevation: 162m (531 ft)

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Stage 7 - Fire and Ice - May 20-26

Our final stage is up Alpe du Zwift. This one’s gonna hurt!

Zwift may have something new up their sleeve for this stage, too–the event description includes this: “P.S. Keep a finger on the camera button—a snowy friend of ours is wandering the mountain. Be sure to catch him!”

Will a Yeti be joining us on our voyage up the Alpe? We’ll know soon enough!

  • Route: Fire and Ice
  • Distance: 28km (17.4 mi)
  • Elevation: 1166m (3825 ft)

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Each stage has an A or B group to join. B is for women only, while A is for anyone. Both groups will ride the same distance.

Makeup Dates

If you miss one or more stages, makeups events for stages 1-4 will be held on April 29-May 5th.

Additionally, makeup events for ALL stages will be held May 27-June 2nd.


Completing 5 stages unlocks the Tour of Watopia kit (see below). Your kit will arrive in your garage after the make-up weekend finishes (after April 29).

Complete all 7 stages and you’ll unlock a Tour of Watopia paint job for your Zwift Aero bike.