Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of January 28-29

This weekend’s notable events include two rides for a good cause, plus a longer-than-usual race and group rides.

🤝 Group Ride in Memory of Kris Yip ‘Crush It’

Last week Kris Yip, rider for Wahoo Le Col and an extremely notable cyclist in the real world and on Zwift, passed away suddenly. Kris began riding as a junior in his hometown, Prince George, BC, Canada. In recent years on Zwift, he has raced in the premier division of Zwift Racing League, competing amongst riders at the top of the sport. Just last year, he qualified and raced in the 2022 UCI Esports World Championships. Join team WLC and the indoor cycling community on this group ride in honor of Kris.

This 60-minute group ride hosted by WLC takes place on the R.G.V. course in France. The ride is openly paced, so riders are free to ride at whatever pace pleases them.

Sunday, Jan 29 @ 5pm UTC/12pm EST/9am PST
Sign up at

🤝 Childhood Cancer Canada Social Ride

This weekend, Childhood Cancer Canada is hosting a group ride to raise awareness for cancer—the leading cause of death from disease in Canadian children. This foundation’s goal is to help fund research and support the families of children who have been affected by cancer. 

This ride takes place over 60 minutes on the Douce France course. More information about this foundation can be found on the Childhood Cancer Canada website. This is another open-paced group ride, so smaller groups will likely be formed over the course of the 60 minutes.

Saturday, Jan 28 @ 3pm UTC/10am EST/7am PST
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🥇 DIRT Hors Categorie Series – Race 2

Looking for a racing league that doesn’t require a team to participate? The DIRT Hors Categorie Series is a great fit. This series features four weeks of longer points races. The series also has a few key settings enabled to ensure that these races remain fair and fun for all riders. Firstly, category enforcement is enabled—this helps to prevent riders from entering the wrong category. Second, these are all private events, meaning riders have to use the link with the “secret” part at the end of the URL in order to join the event. Because of this, the race will mostly consist of riders who truly want to race hard and fair. Note: remember this is a points race, so be sure not to be caught off-guard when everyone sprints for the primes.

The course for this week’s race takes riders over the lovely roads of Yorkshirem racing on the Royal Pump Room 8 course with a custom finish atop the Yorkshire KOM. Expect this to be a hard and punchy race, as Yorkshire features one of the steepest pitches in Zwift! Complete details are available on the DIRT website.

Special settings: category enforcement, private event, points race

Sunday, Jan 22 @ 6:30pm UTC/1:30pm EST/10:30am PST
Sign up at

🤝AHDR Long Flat

Join team AHDR for a quicker-paced 100km group ride. AHDR is well-known for their ability to maintain large groups, and many of their rides are also led by the remarkable Tim Searle. As with most AHDR rides, this will be quicker than the traditional group ride, paced at 2.5-3 w/kg. Note: sweepers will not be present in this group ride, so be sure to hang in the group to maximize your draft effect.

This ride takes place over the Watopia’s Waistband course—a course that was recently added as a route badge and a free-rideable route. Watopia’s Waistband is the perfect course for riders to complete a 100km ride fast. Riders should expect to be finished with ride in ~2:30.

Saturday, Jan 28 @ 8pm UTC/3pm EST/12pm PST
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🤝 RO4H Sunday Social Spin

Every Sunday, RO4H (Ride On 4 Heath) hosts a nice social group ride featuring a friendly pace and a supportive group of leaders and sweeps. Leaders and sweeps will aim to ensure that no riders have to ride by themselves. Sweepers will be present in this ride to help riders who fall off the back of the group get back to the peloton. This ride is a great way for riders to improve their endurance while engaging with other riders.

This week, riders will be on the Douce France course for 90 minutes. The ride is paced at 1-2.5 w/kg, with the pace remaining below 2 w/kg on the climbs.

Sunday, Jan 29 @ 1pm UTC/8am EST/5am PST
Sign up at

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

Oli Chi
Oli Chi
Oliver is a Zwift enthusiast who spends lots of time riding and racing on Zwift. While much of Oliver's time is spent being a kid, he manages to make time to create content about Zwift on his blog and YouTube channel ZRace Central.


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Colin Davidson
10 months ago

Thanks so much for the shout out for the Childhood Cancer Canada ride. I’ll be hosting it as well as two others, one each in Feb and March!

Christian Kjaer
Christian Kjaer
9 months ago

Great selection as always! A Sunday in Hell with DZR is another interesting option for the weekend. It takes place Sunday 9:45 CET | 17:45 JST

4 consecutive events tailored to different rider profiles. The iTT for the time trialists (15k), the Sprint for the sprinters (20k), the After Party for the puncheurs (15k) and The Climb for the climbers (10k). It all adds up to about 60k and 900hm. A perfect alternative to a 100k race, or, simply put, A Sunday in Hell.

Christian Kjaer
Christian Kjaer
9 months ago

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