Yorkshire KOM Zwift Segment Details

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Key Details

The climb begins when you hit the stone bridge at the bottom of the descent and turn a sharp left. The stream crossed here is called Oak Beck (“Beck” is often used in Yorkshire for a small river or stream). In real life, this bridge is narrow and crossing-controlled by traffic lights to be one way. But we Zwifters get to roll on through.

This climb is part of a GPS-accurate re-creation of the finishing circuit for the 2019 UCI Worlds road race. In 2019 the men’s pro peloton raced up this climb 6 times after a 185km lead-in, but you’ll probably be happy with just one ascent.

Routes Featuring this KQOM

Route Length Elevation Lead-In
2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit 13.8 km (8.6 miles) 240 m (787‘) 0.1 km (0.1 miles)
Royal Pump Room 8 27.7 km (17.2 miles) 480 m (1,575‘) 0.1 km (0.1 miles)

Leader’s Jersey

A word about accuracy: as much as possible, we’ve used Zwift’s in-game numbers for the segments listed. Strava data may differ slightly.

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