Zwift’s latest update included a new bike frame: the “Ribble Endurance”. Here’s how it’s described in the Drop Shop:

With its impeccable performance and versatility, the Ribble Endurance SL R series can be fine-tuned for riders of all levels of experience and ability. This high-performance frameset is superlight and the truncated aerofoil profile of the tubes makes it both the lightest and one of the fastest packages available.

Sounds pretty snazzy. And at a cost of 390,500 Drops it’s one of the more affordable frames in the Shop, plus it’s available at level 7+ so it’s quite accessible. But how does it perform?


The Ribble Endurance is rated 3 stars for weight and 3 stars for aero by Zwift, meaning it’s not going to be a top performer on the flats or the climbs.

That said, it performs quite well where aero matters: on flat/rolling courses.


The Ribble Endurance turns in times within 1-2 seconds of the Zwift Aero frame on our climb and flat tests. To be specific, the Endurance is 2 seconds faster up the Alpe, and 1 second slower on the flat test.

The Zwift Aero frame is a bit cheaper (319,500) and unlocked at level 6.

Zwift Aero taking on the Alpe

Newbies, Take Note

While it won’t make our shortlist of fastest frames for flat races, the Endurance is only 5 seconds behind the last bike on that list, which is great considering you can get it as a level 7 Zwifter.

If you’re just getting started on Zwift and want a zippy racing rig for flat/hilly routes, the Ribble Endurance or Zwift Aero are your two best options until you get to level 13 where you can buy the Cervelo S3D, or level 14 with the Specialized Allez Sprint.

Custom Colors

The Endurance also includes a color slider, which not all frames in the Drop Shop support. This lets you dial in the look to just what you want.

Your Thoughts

Have you tried the Ribble Endurance yet, indoors or out? What did you think? Share your thoughts below!