Peak Zwift records are being broken every few days lately. Last Tuesday we hit a new high of 24,341, then early this morning it seemed all of Europe showed up to ride together as we hit a new high of 28,299!

The peak was reached right around 10am UK time, when astute Zwifter Jon Wakefield snapped this Zwift Companion shot with the highest number seen on the day.

Will it go higher? We think so. We think we’ll burst through the 30k barrier this week, and the next line of interest after that would be 30,024, which would double the Peak Zwift we set back in January 2020.

Stay healthy, take care of one another, and Ride On!

Update: Zwift Chris Rudallruds shared a screenshot showing 28,305 riders online, so that’s the official high water mark as far as we know. (Zwift has chosen not to confirm peak numbers during this time.)