Zwift has just rolled out the newest in-game mission for cyclists: the Parlee Speed Mission! Here are the details…

How to Enter

To get started, click “Let’s do this” on the Parlee Speed Mission box in your startup screen. Accept the terms and conditions, and you’re ready to go! The start screen box will show mission progress as you save each ride.

Completing the Mission

To finish this mission, you must enter the mission then ride a total of 250km (155 miles) before April 16th. You can do it all in one ride if you’re an animal, or spread it across as many rides as you’d like!

In-game Parlee RZ7

Mission Prizes

Upon completing the mission you will receive a 100,000 Drops bonus, which you can use to purchase the new Parlee RZ7 bike in-game if you’d like. Or use it to buy something else!

Everyone who completes the mission will be entered to win a real-life Parlee RZ7 bike with SRAM Red eTap AXS (approximate retail value $12,999USD). Nice!

(representative image only, actual prize bike may differ)