The Gran Fondo is one of three fondo routes Zwift unveiled in January 2019 for its Zwift fondo series. Currently these are event-only routes, meaning they are only available for use in events and cannot be ridden on a freeride or individual workout.

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Route Profile

The Gran Fondo is very similar to the Medio Fondo in terms of key climbs and overall elevation, but ~25km (15.5 miles) longer due to some meandering around Watopia proper between the “Road to Ruins” section and the “Mountain Route” ending.

This route is essentially these routes strung together:

We begin by taking Ocean Boulevard around to the reverse Hilly KOM, which is the first half of the Figure 8 route. Then it’s over to the Volcano and up to the top before descending down and heading to the Italian Villas then the Mayan Jungle for a reverse loop of the circuit.

After climbing out of the jungle, we descend back to sea level, hit The Esses and spin a quick lap around the Volcano Circuit. Until this point, the route has been identical to the Medio Fondo. Here’s where things change.

After heading through downtown Watopia we hit the forward Hilly KOM, then hang a left onto Ocean Boulevard, back through downtown, over The Esses in reverse, and around the Volcano, back over The Esses forward, and into downtown.

The rest of the route matches the end of the Medio Fondo, as we head out Ocean Boulevard once more to the forward Epic KOM. Our route finishes at the KOM banner, where the ibex cheers you on as you finish!

Route details:
Distance: 97.2km (60.4 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1148m (3768′)

Strava Forward Segment (from start pier)