Check Out the New Routes for this Weekend’s Zwift Fondo

Check Out the New Routes for this Weekend’s Zwift Fondo

January’s fondo events are this weekend, and for the first time ever riders can choose from one of three new custom Watopia routes. Click a route below to learn all about it!

Invisible Row
Bambino Fondo (C Group)

Official description:

Take in the heart of Watopia with a flat warmup before tackling the original Watopia KOM. Then head over to the Mayan Ruins for a lap of the jungle – look out for the sloth! – before finishing up the Volcano Climb.

The Bambino Fondo is essentially these routes strung together:

Distance: 52.2km (32.4 miles)
Elevation Gain: 580m (1902′)
Strava Segment (from start pier)

Medio Fondo (B Group)

Official description:

Warmup with a trip to Sequoia Circle before climbing the original Watopia KOM in the longer, gentler reverse direction. From there the climbing continues with a trip up the Volcano KOM, and tour of the Mayan Ruins jungle, and then finish off with a long climb up the Epic KOM (arch; not tower).

The Medio Fondo is essentially these routes strung together:

Distance: 72.9km (45.3 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1010m (3313′)

Strava Forward Segment (from start pier)

Gran Fondo (A Group)

Official description:

This longest Fondo route takes you on a meandering – and ascending – tour of Watopia. Start out with the original KOM in the reverse direction before climbing the Volcano. From there, you’ll do a lap of the Mayan Ruins jungle and then take on the steeper – but shorter – original KOM in the forward direction. Mix in flat laps around downtown Watopia and the Volcano Circuit before finishing at the Epic KOM summit (arch; not tower).

The Gran Fondo is very similar to the Medio Fondo in terms of key climbs and overall elevation, but ~25km (15.5 miles) longer due to some meandering around Watopia proper between the “Road to Ruins” section and the “Mountain Route” ending. This route is essentially these routes strung together:

Distance: 97.8km (60.8 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1196m (3924′)

Strava Forward Segment (from start pier)


All Zwifters who finish a Fondo route will unlock the official Zwift January Fondo kit. Each of the 6 Fondos from November to April has a unique kit to unlock.


  • January 13
  • February 10
  • March 10
  • April 7

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A big thanks to Veloviewer for providing the 3d images for our new routes.

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