January’s fondo events are this weekend, and for the first time ever riders can choose from one of three new custom Watopia routes. Click a route below to learn all about it!

Invisible Row
Bambino Fondo (C Group)

Official description:

Take in the heart of Watopia with a flat warmup before tackling the original Watopia KOM. Then head over to the Mayan Ruins for a lap of the jungle – look out for the sloth! – before finishing up the Volcano Climb.

The Bambino Fondo is essentially these routes strung together:

Distance: 52.2km (32.4 miles)
Elevation Gain: 580m (1902′)
Strava Segment (from start pier)

Medio Fondo (B Group)

Official description:

Warmup with a trip to Sequoia Circle before climbing the original Watopia KOM in the longer, gentler reverse direction. From there the climbing continues with a trip up the Volcano KOM, and tour of the Mayan Ruins jungle, and then finish off with a long climb up the Epic KOM (arch; not tower).

The Medio Fondo is essentially these routes strung together:

Distance: 72.9km (45.3 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1010m (3313′)

Strava Forward Segment (from start pier)

Gran Fondo (A Group)

Official description:

This longest Fondo route takes you on a meandering – and ascending – tour of Watopia. Start out with the original KOM in the reverse direction before climbing the Volcano. From there, you’ll do a lap of the Mayan Ruins jungle and then take on the steeper – but shorter – original KOM in the forward direction. Mix in flat laps around downtown Watopia and the Volcano Circuit before finishing at the Epic KOM summit (arch; not tower).

The Gran Fondo is very similar to the Medio Fondo in terms of key climbs and overall elevation, but ~25km (15.5 miles) longer due to some meandering around Watopia proper between the “Road to Ruins” section and the “Mountain Route” ending. This route is essentially these routes strung together:

Distance: 97.8km (60.8 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1196m (3924′)

Strava Forward Segment (from start pier)


All Zwifters who finish a Fondo route will unlock the official Zwift January Fondo kit. Each of the 6 Fondos from November to April has a unique kit to unlock.


  • January 13
  • February 10
  • March 10
  • April 7

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A big thanks to Veloviewer for providing the 3d images for our new routes.