“17 Hours of Kona” Event Series Announced

“17 Hours of Kona” Event Series Announced

Some big names in long-distance triathlon descend on Zwift this weekend for “17 Hours of Kona,” a one-day series of group rides and runs.

The Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, was supposed to take place on October 9 but has been canceled again this year. So instead, some of the world’s top pros will be leading events on Zwift around our very own Volcano, in celebration of the biggest day on the triathlon calendar!

Event Details

The series begins at 7am Hawaiian time (7pm CEST/6pm BST/1pm EDT/10am PDT) on Saturday, October 9, when the start cannon would have gone off on race day in Kona. They’ll continue throughout the day until midnight Hawaiian time, with a cycling event every hour and a running event every other hour.

These events will continue for 17 hours – the time cutoff given to all athletes competing in Kona.  In that time, the Ironman triathletes must complete a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run. From those who can complete the distance in under 9 hours to those racing to make the cut-off, Zwift’s events celebrate everyone who enters these grueling challenges.

  • Rides are 60 minutes long and held on the Legends and Lava route. Which may get interesting, because most riders will reach the end of that route (atop the Volcano KOM) before before the 60 minutes is up. Where will we be routed after we descend the Volcano? Join and find out!
  • Runs are 30 minutes long and held on the Volcano Circuit route.

See the full list of events and sign up at zwift.com/events/series/17-hours-of-kona-2021

Special Guests

There are no jersey or gear unlocks for the 17 Hours of Kona events. The main perk is the ability to ride, run, and chat with stars of the sport, including:

Ride Leaders

  • RIDE 1 Joe Skipper / Kat Matthews
  • RIDE 2 Joe Gambles
  • RIDE 3 Sarah True / Mark Allen
  • RIDE 4 Ben Hoffman / Meredith Kessler
  • RIDE 5 Tim Reed
  • RIDE 6 Josh Amberger
  • RIDE 7 Craig Alexander / Andy Potts
  • RIDE 8 Cameron Brown / Kangsub Song (ZATRI)
  • RIDE 9 Eric Engel (ZATRI)
  • RIDE 10 Kristen Yax (ZATRI)
  • RIDE 11 TBD
  • RIDE 12 Vanessa Murray
  • RIDE 13 Frederik Van Lierde / Lukas Bosmans (ZATRI)
  • RIDE 14 Tim Don / Sebastian Kienle
  • RIDE 15 Imogen Simmonds / Patrik Nilsson
  • RIDE 16 Lucy Charles-Barclay / Reece Charles-Barclay
  • RIDE 17 David McNamee / Ronnie Schildknecht

Run Leaders

  • RUN 1 Sebastian Kienle
  • RUN 2 Joe Skipper / Meredith Kessler
  • RUN 3 TBD
  • RUN 4 Kangsub Song (ZATRI)
  • RUN 5 TBD
  • RUN 6 TBD
  • RUN 7 TBD
  • RUN 8 Tim Don / Craig Alexander
  • RUN 9 Lukas Bosmans (ZATRI) / Rebecca Duxbury (ZATRI)

Is This a Race?

Nope. The stated pace for the rides is 2-3 w/kg, and the runs are 5-6kph. These are meant to be social events where we enjoy riding and running together.

Questions or Comments?

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17 days ago

not a triathlete but doing the ride sounds like it would be great fun

13 days ago

Shame there wasn’t a bit more notice on this, only just seem it since it was only posted 2 days before the event start, so already missed it…

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