“Race London” ZRacing March Series Details

Zwift’s monthly ZRacing series is heading into its seventh round following September’s Get Rolling, October’s Race Like a Champ, November’s Race Makuri, December’s Race Like a Pro, January’s Flat is Fast, and February’s Race Scotland.

Today Zwift published details for March’s ZRacing Series, where the theme is “Race London” and all the races are on Zwift’s London map. Let’s dive into the details!

Race London – March’s Route Schedule

This month’s races all take place on Zwift’s London map:

  • Stage 1 (Mar 5-12): Greater London Flat
    • 1 lap (17.3km, 97m elevation)
    • Powerups: Draft Boost (50%), Aero Boost (50%)
  • Stage 2 (Mar 13-19): London Loop
    • 1.4 laps (24.7km, 378m elevation) ends at Box Hill KOM banner
    • Powerups: Feather (34%), Draft Boost (33%), Aero Boost (33%)
  • Stage 3 (Mar 20-26): London Classique Reverse
    • 2 laps (18.4km, 109m)
    • Powerups: Burrito (50%), Ghost (50%)
  • Stage 4 (Mar 27-Apr 2): stage 4 is made up of two shorter races, meant to be raced back-to-back

See upcoming Race London events >

Series Structure

The ZRacing series consists of monthly sets of weekly races. Each race is scheduled for seven days (beginning 1:10am UTC on Monday and running through to the next Sunday). Timeslots are consistent week to week and month to month.

Races are scheduled ~15 times each day, so there are plenty of available times to find a race.

See upcoming events at zwift.com/events/tag/zracingmar2023

Monthly GC on ZwiftPower

Each monthly set of races has a time-based GC (general classification) which tracks riders’ best finishing times for each week’s race. The overall winners in each category for the month will be the riders with the lowest overall time for that month’s set of races.

See March’s GC on ZwiftPower >

With over 100 weekly timeslots available, riders can race each week’s event multiple times and try to better their finishing time.

Note: you must use a heart rate monitor and be on a smart trainer, smart bike, or power meter to show up in ZwiftPower results for this series.

If you aren’t signed up for ZwiftPower, check out our post How to Sign Up for ZwiftPower (and Why Every Zwifter Should Do It).

Riding up to Trafalgar Square

Get the Badge

Each month’s series has its own achievement badge, which you can unlock by finishing every stage for the month.

One and Done

Zwift has planned these events around the idea of a solid 1-hour workout, so each race should only take around 1 hour to complete, including your warmup and cooldown.

Questions or Comments?

Post below! 

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8 months ago

Wait…twice up Box Hill in Stage 2?!

Donna Watts
Donna Watts
8 months ago
Reply to  J L

I believe that’s what it means! Once is bad enough

Larry Smart
Larry Smart
8 months ago

I completed the race Scotland series. Where does the badge show up. First race series. New to racing.

Rob Lines
Rob Lines(@rlines)
8 months ago
Reply to  Larry Smart

On the achievements page under 2023 missions

8 months ago

Oh great, yet ANOTHER Zwift series where they have put in a Burrito Power-up stage, they must seriously just want to discourage people, thousands of people just gave up after they did this in the Scotland Crit City stage.
It’s long past time to totally dump the Burrito from Zwift, you should NOT be able to affect the speed of other riders by pressing a button!

8 months ago
Reply to  Andrew

You’re not affecting their speed. You’re affecting their draft.

8 months ago
Reply to  Eli

I don’t mind the burrito, I find the ghost is worse. At least with the burrito you can see what others are doing.

Rob Bane
Rob Bane
8 months ago
Reply to  Eli

Draft effects speed

Greg Flynn
Greg Flynn
7 months ago

The last stage is described as 2 races “meant to be raced back to back”. Is it required for the times to count like Tiny Races? I see a lot of folks splitting it up and I can’t tell by the standings.

Philipp S
Philipp S
7 months ago

I missed Stage 3 cause of illness. Is there any possibility to repeat it?

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