Yorkshire Course Launched (Zwift Update 1.0.39812)

Yorkshire Course Launched (Zwift Update 1.0.39812)

A major game update rolled out just hours ago, bringing with it an entirely new world and the beginnings of something else exciting on Watopia. Here are the details…

Yorkshire Course Launched

We’ve known this was coming for a while, but still, any new world is big news! The new Yorkshire course covers the 13.5km (8.4 miles) Harrogate finishing circuit, and is featured as the guest world for approximately half of the remaining days this month. Including today!

5 route options let you tackle the course in various ways:

There is also a sixth route, “Harrogate Circuit Reverse”, which is simply a reverse version of the 2019 UCI route. This is an event-only route at this time.

We’ll publish more in-depth details for each route very soon. Want to learn more about how the Yorkshire course was made? Read this post from Zwift’s blog, interviewing art director Tony Yruegas, and watch a “first look” ride through from our pal Shane Miller:

Mountain Bike Singletrack

FutureWorks steering is coming very soon to Zwift–Jon Mayfield says it will happen this month. Today’s update makes the steering test track visible in Watopia, branching off of the Titans Grove road. Here are some images courtesy of our friends at Zwift Hype:

There are really two big pieces of news here: the first is steering functionality, which stands to completely change the Zwift experience, at least for those Zwifters who choose to enable steering.

The second is Zwift’s first singletrack path, which is an experience to ride even without steering. You even get to ride Zwift’s first virtual mountain bike on it. Exciting stuff!

Unfortunately, while it’s visible in game, we cannot ride the new trail… yet. Jon says it will be available this month, and we’re hoping that means in the next week or so. Fingers crossed.

Read/respond to Jon Mayfield’s release notes >

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