When this route was released it was the longest and most challenging on Zwift, covering all segments in Watopia at least twice. With new roads and routes added since its creation, The Pretzel is no longer the longest or toughest route. But it still packs a punch at 44.8 miles (72.1km) in length with 4,375′ (1333m) of elevation gain.

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Route Description

The Pretzel begins at the popular downtown Watopia start/finish, and heads out Ocean Boulevard to take on the Epic KOM forward. Once you reach the top of the Epic KOM you’ll hang a left onto the horribly-named “bonus climb” – a steep, icy climb to the radio tower platform!

Then it’s a fast descent back to Watopia proper where you’ll hit the Hilly KOM reverse, loop around through the start/finish banner, onto the Esses then a loop around Ocean Boulevard to the Hilly KOM forward.

Next we head past the fishing village again, but turn right at the wind turbines to head up the Epic KOM reverse. Hit the final climb hard then descend back to Ocean Boulevard for a quick trip through the fishing village, the Italian Villas, and over the Esses to the downtown start/finish. You did it!

Route details:
Distance: 72.2km (44.9 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1,333m (4,375′)
Strava Forward Segment (from start banner)Strava Reverse Segment