Ladies Racing on Zwift: The HERd SHEries Begins June 1

Ladies Racing on Zwift: The HERd SHEries Begins June 1

Now that Zwift Racing League season 3 has finished, there’s a gaping hole for Tuesday racers for at least a month.  The HERd SHEries is a new race series looking to span that gap for female Zwifters all over the world. Here are the details…

What is the HERd SHEries?

The HERd SHEries is a 6-week ladies category-based series on Tuesdays, with 3 time slots available:


See all upcoming events in the SHEries at ZwiftHacks >

The series offers a mix between short and longer races with an individual time trial thrown in for good measure! The shorter races are scratch races (first past the finish line), whereas the longer ones offer points for fastest segment times, as well as bonus points for the category finishing position.

The first season of the HERd SHEries runs from June 1st to July 6th, 2021.

Stage and Route Details

James Bailey, Herd Racing DS told us, “I felt that there wasn’t much in the way of a racing series for female Zwifters once ZRL had finished and with the massive growth of our female membership (we had 25 female-only teams in ZRL series 3) I wanted to give them, and Zwift ladies around the world something to enjoy. I’ve gone for rides that offer a good amount of variety, shorter and longer, flat and hilly, to give all different kinds of riders something that they will be able to excel in.”

  • Stage One – June 1st – Bologna TT, 1 Lap
    Distance: 8.0km / Elevation: 230m
    Nothing confusing in the prologue event, just a dash to the top of the hill! This event will use the TT module, so riders will be sent off with staggered starts. Do your homework! Learn about pacing on Bologna TT, and bike choice on Bologna TT.
  • Stage Two – June 8th – Innsbruckring (2 Laps)
    Distance: 17.8km / Elevation: 155m
    The first of the shorter races features the infamous Legsnapper! Get to the top as quick as you can.
  • Stage Three – June 15th – France’s Casse Pattes (1 Lap)
    Distance: 23.8km / Elevation: 155m
    The second shorter race features a large flat course, with the exception of the Petit KOM. Get to the top, then it’s a mad downhill dash to the finish!
  • Stage Four – June 22nd – Watopia’s Mountain Route (1 Lap)
    Distance: 15.8km (14.1km) / Elevation: 588m (435m)
    In the last of the “shorter” races, Categories A and B will race to the top of the Radio Tower, whereas C and D will race to the Epic KOM banner.
  • Stage Five – June 29th – Watopia’s Seaside Sprint (5-6 Laps)
    Distance: 40.8km (34.5km) / Elevation: 270m (231m)
    In the first points race, racers will secure points for their time, each lap, on the Watopia Sprint. There are also bonus points for final category finishing position. Categories A and B will take on 6 laps, C and D will do 5.
  • Stage Six – July 6th – Yorkshire’s 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit (2 Laps)
    Distance: 27.7km / Elevation: 491m
    In the second points race, racers will score points for the fastest segment times on the Yorkshire KOM and Yorkshire Sprint. There are also bonus points for final category finishing position.

See all upcoming events in the SHEries at ZwiftHacks >

About Herd Racing League

The Herd Racing League is the sister racing group of The Herd and prides itself on encouraging a welcoming and supportive ideology for racers of all shapes, sizes and ability levels.

Herd Racing DS  James Bailey first took on organizing events for Herd Racing League in April 2019, featuring events such as Herd Beginner Racing Series, The Stampede, The Bullseye, Herd of Mountain Goats, and Herd Summer Racing League.

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Adam Dawson
Adam Dawson (@adamjmdawson)
3 months ago

Fantastic initiative and looking forward to broadcasting the 3rd time slot on Zwiftaholics on YouTube

3 months ago

I would love to participate, but as with so many Zwift events – the PST zone times don’t work for people who hold down day jobs.

James Bailey
3 months ago
Reply to  Amber

I really did look at having a PST time friendly race, but the attendance for these is terrible sadly. With this series set up where you score upto 50 league points for your position, entering into a quieter race makes it a bit unfair for the rest of the field.

Simon Collins
Simon Collins
3 months ago

Well done James! My partner will love this, there is definitely a shortage of female only racing on Zwift!

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