Zwift Racing League Season 3 Details

Zwift Racing League Season 3 Details

Zwift Racing League has taken competition to the next level on Zwift. Now with two seasons completed, the good people at WTRL have clearly worked out most of the kinks in a series of events that requires massive amounts of planning, organization, and data crunching. Kudos to them for their longsuffering and hard work fine-tuning the biggest race league in Zwift’s history!

The third season of Zwift Racing League begins April 6th, and we’ll use this page to display all the key info and links in one place.

Rules (and Season 3 Changes)

The updated Season 3 ruleset is available at This is a much more official and thorough ruleset than we’ve seen in past seasons, and that’s a good thing. It shows the league is maturing!

Here are a few key changes we spotted:

  • Nominated riders: in past seasons, any rider could race for any team, as long as they met the category requirements and only raced for two teams (or less) in a given week. In theory, this meant teams could have a totally different set of riders each week. (In practice, this didn’t really happen.) The new rule states that, “A Squad (roster) can be comprised of up to 12 nominated riders of which a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 riders can be selected from each week to form the Team racing in the event.”
    • A minimum of 4 riders must be nominated for the Squad before registration closes.
    • New riders can be added at any time up to the maximum of 12 riders per Squad.
    • New riders must be added prior to participating in an event.
    • Riders cannot be dropped from the Squad to free up space or if they have been asked to upgrade (UPG) within their first 4 events. Once the riders name is nominated for the Squad it is there for the entirety of the season.
    • Riders can only be nominated to two teams
  • In-game kit (no funny business): teams are required to select an in-game Team Kit at the start of the season and maintain use of the same kit throughout. Deliberately changing team kit or race names to confuse opponents would be considered as against the fair spirit of the competition and may result in a points deduction or disqualification.
  • Height/Weight verification: Each week The Board may randomly select teams from each Division to provide height and weight video per rider up to 12 hours pre and 12 hours post race.

If you’re new to ZRL, you’ll definitely want to get familiar with the ruleset and points structures, as these will inform strategic decisions made as a team.

Teams and Registration

New teams can register now at Teams that raced in season two should receive an email invite from WTRL.

Want to race, but don’t have a team? Post your info on the Facebook group, and teams will get in touch.

Timeslots and Divisions

Timeslots have been modified and expanded. More specifically:

  • New timeslots have been added for EMEA S, EMEA N, and EMEA (women’s only)
  • Premier Division moved from Mondays to a Tuesday timeslot

Race Routes and Dates

Note: “Intermediates” are sections on the course where riders will compete mid-race for additional points. Intermediates include both Fastest-Through-Segment (FTS) and First-Across-Line points, and the top 10 riders score points.

April 6, 2021: Douce France (TTT)

We’ve raced France’s R.G.V. route as the first TTT of Season 1 and 2, but this time around we’re going to switch directions! Douce France covers the same roads as R.G.V., but in the opposite way. That means the tricky “Les Intestins” section will come at the start, instead of the end – and we’ll have a long, straight run-in to the finish.

  • 1 Lap (24.1)

April 13, 2021: Beach Island Loop (Points Race)

This is the Beach Island Loop route’s first appearance in ZRL, but Zwifters will already be familiar with the roads, since the route is nearly identical to Volcano Flat Reverse. Quite flat, with a sprint intermediate, this route is one’s for the sprinters. But watch out – it’s a tricky one, because that sprint comes just seconds after finishing the snaking dirt climb up to the Italian Villas!

  • 3 Laps (38.4km)
  • PowerUps: Aero Boost, Draft Boost, Steamroller
  • Intermediate(s): Watopia Sprint

April 20, 2021: NYC KOM After Party (Points Race)

This mixed course has something for everyone, with sprints to contest early on and the punch KOM to decide the overall winner. Lots of strategic decisions to made this week.

  • 3 Laps (37km)
  • PowerUps: Aero Boost, Burrito, Feather
  • Intermediate(s): New York Sprint 4x, New York KOM (Finish)

April 27, 2021: Greatest London Flat (TTT)

We’ve already raced this route for the TTT in seasons 1 and 2, so ZRL teams should be pretty familiar with what’s required.

  • 1 Lap (31.1km)

May 4, 2021: Cobbled Climbs (Points Race)

Make no mistake: this race is going to be brutal. Each lap of the course takes you up Richmond’s three climbs: Libby Hill, 23rd St, and Governor Street. That means fifteen climbs, with 10 of them awarding intermediate points. How big is your matchbook?

  • 5 Laps (46km) (lower categories will do 3 laps, 28km)
  • PowerUps: Aero Boost, Draft Boost, Feather
  • Intermediate(s): Libby Hill KOM, 23rd St KOM

May 11, 2021: Champs-Élysées (Points Race)

Riding on the Champs-Élysées may look like a parade on the final day of the TdF, but it’s far from that in reality… or on Zwift! Get ready for hill repeats and an uphill sprint intermediate.

  • 6 Laps (42.8km) (lower categories will do 4 laps, 29.6km)
  • PowerUps: Aero Boost, Draft Boost, Feather
  • Intermediate(s): Lutece Sprint

May 18, 2021: Magnificent 8 (TTT)

A “mostly flat” route, the Magnificent 8 made an appearance as the playoff TTT course for season 2. It’s a good test of a team’s full breadth of ability since it features slightly technical sections, a short climb, and plenty of flats for pacelining.

  • 1 Lap (28.6km)

May 25, 2021: Surrey Hills (Points Race)

The regular season ends with one for the climbers. We’ll have a go at Fox Hill, Leith Hill, Box Hill, then the route ends atop Keith Hill for a mercifully-shortened version of Surrey Hills… for the lower categories. The rest will continue on and have one more climb up Fox hill, with a mountaintop finish. In terms of length + distance, this is definitely the queen stage of season 3!

  • 1 Lap (45km) (lower categories have a 32km custom finish atop Keith Hill)
  • PowerUps: Anvil, Draft Boost, Feather
  • Intermediate(s): Leith Hill KOM, Keith Hill KOM, Fox Hill KOM

June 5, 2021: tba (Playoff Points Race)

June 6, 2021: tba (Playoff TTT)

Questions or Comments?

We recommend checking out WTRL’s Zwift Racing League page for rules, team registration, results, and more. Their Facebook page is the place to go for discussion on all things ZRL.

Feel free to share questions or comments below!

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Steve R
Steve R
1 month ago

On the schedule on the WTRL site, it suggests that rounds 5, 6 and 8 may have slightly shorter distances for some divisions. I wonder if that means only the Premier and possibly A (B too?) might be doing the full amount of laps?

M. D. S. Günther
M. D. S. Günther
1 month ago
Reply to  Steve R

Yes, confirmation pending but probably C and D will only race 3 laps of Cobbled Climbs, 4 laps of Champs-Elysees und the shortened Surrey Hills.

As a D cat who likes longer races and climbing, not a fan! 😆But what can you do, still a nice schedule

1 month ago

They should scrap the TTTs until Zwift automates some of the functionality. WTRL cannot police the hundreds of these races and we got screwed from 1st place because a number of teams wound up leapfrogging each other for well over a minute in our last TTT, helping each other with a large blob and increasing the group speed for multiple teams.

Colin C Ferguson
Colin C Ferguson
1 month ago

They’re going to have to be very careful in enforcing that race jersey rule. Once during season two I took the leader’s jersey on the watopia hilly loop and then was still wearing it when I got to the pen. I didn’t have time to go in and change it so I did the race in the orange jersey. That should not be grounds for a DQ.

Roger Bartlett
Roger Bartlett
27 days ago

You can change Jersey in the Pen

Jan Hendrik
Jan Hendrik
30 days ago

What happened to the plan to move to result based categories instead of W/kg? So far all the rules have just made things an awful lot more complex and not changed anything.

30 days ago

How is the requirement at all levels to register rider weight with 0.1 kg precision (which you can’t do in the companion app anyway) meshing with the increased attention to eating disorders in Zwift? Seems rather pointless considering bathroom scales aren’t calibrated and game itself is full of imprecisions as well.

28 days ago

Am I the only one thinking that it was a huge mistake to move the Pro Division races to the same day as the Community Division races? I understand that there was some suggestion that Mondays weren’t ideal for the Pro riders, which is fair enough, but they could easily have moved them to Wednesdays instead. Now with them all on the same day the community riders don’t get to watch the Premier races – which was the majority of their streaming audience – plus any non-ZRL riders who watch the races now have to choose between watching the Premier… Read more »

Steve R
Steve R
26 days ago
Reply to  Andrew

For us, it means we’ll probably lose one of our riders from our Community C team. His son is racing in a Premier League team and they share the same wheel-on trainer – swapping their bikes over when they each want to use Zwift. As the two races will now be just 45 minutes apart rather than on a different day, it’s likely they both won’t be able to take part (and the dad isn’t going to pull rank on his much more talented son and force him off the trainer!)

24 days ago
Reply to  Steve R

Do tell of the premier league racer using a wheel on trainer?

28 days ago

Could you comment on how this might affect ability to serve as DS? During Season 2, I had difficulty doing DS via the official route (using E-pen and “fan view” on the Companion App), but I was able to serve as DS by showing up to the actual pen but not crossing the start. It would seem the new rules would eliminate the latter?

If the official method is the only possible way left, could you write a guide on how to properly serve as DS? The instructions provided by WTRL isn’t at all clear.

Thanks in advance

14 days ago
Reply to  Jim

A follow up to my previous post. I finally figured out the purpose of the E-pen and how it works. The purpose of the E-pen is to bring one to the same world as where one’s teammates are. For instance, France was not a guest world yesterday, so signing onto the E-pen was one way to be in the same world as one’s teammates (the other is a work-around such as a meet-up). This is important, because the way “fan view” works requires one to use the use the “Find Zwifter” option on the Companion App once in the right… Read more »

21 days ago

Question to all because this will be my first ZRL-Season :
Are the C-Divisions divided in different strenghts like a “Champions League for high C’s around 3,2W” and like a “Minor League for low C’s around 2,5W” ?

16 days ago

Are the individual divisions still considered like leagues or is there no longer a league structure and all divisions are virtually equal? 

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x