“Mountain Route” Route Details (Watopia)

Animated “Mountain Route” Route Details (Watopia) Map
Animated map provided by ZwiftHacks

Route Basics

Length: 29.5 km (18.3 miles)
682 m (2,238‘)
Lead-In: 0.5 km (0.3 miles)
Map: Watopia

Achievement Badge: 580 XP

Banners and Leaderboards

(in order of appearance)
Epic KOM Forward
Sprint Forward

BestBikeSplit Model
Estimate ride time, IF and TSS, plan your power, and more!

Route Description

Route profile by ZwiftHub – the place to plan and track your route achievements!

The Watopia “Mountain Route” is simply a loop up to the radio tower then back through the start/finish line.

This is an excellent addition to the game, since it allows group rides and races to include a major climb.

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Michael Hoult
Michael Hoult
7 months ago

Can there be a way through the companion app to choose your route? Can you set it in for a a day of the week? E.g do alpe du zwift on a Tuesday morning, make it repeatable?? Could this be done for workouts as well. E.g. pick a workout e.g. 1min efforts on alpe du zwift on the Tuesday?

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