Editor’s note: this post is outdated. Runs on Zwift are now saved to Strava properly as a “Virtual Run.”

Runs on Zwift (you did know Zwift running is a thing, right?) currently upload to Strava as Virtual Bike Rides. This obviously isn’t ideal, since athletes want to track runs separately from rides, and you don’t want your running times used for riding segments, etc.

Strava and ZwiftHQ are working to fix this problem, but for now here’s a quick video showing how to force your Zwift runs to show up as runs in Strava:

The steps are as follows:

  • Download your Zwift activity file (from your zwift.com account or anywhere else it’s saved)
  • Upload it to Garmin Connect, where it will be classified as a treadmill run
  • Download the file from Garmin Connect as a .gpx
  • Upload that .gpx to Strava, where it will be classified as a run.

One interesting result of this is that your Zwift run times will be ranked on the Strava leaderboard against real-world segments. This won’t be the case forever, though, as it appears that Strava is having ZwiftHQ “offset” the GPS coordinates of Zwift runs so they don’t line up with real-world roads in Richmond and London.

But until then, have fun!