Zwiftcast Episode 75: Peak Zwift (or is it?) Tour de Zwift and all the Zwifty Chat

Zwiftcast Episode 75: Peak Zwift (or is it?) Tour de Zwift and all the Zwifty Chat

The Zwiftcasters welcome in 2020 with the first episode of the new decade – and kick straight off with a discussion of what’s become a landmark in the Zwift calendar – Peak Zwift.

You can hear which one of the Zwiftcasters, along with special guest guessers, got it right.

The podcasters go on to discuss whether the second January in Tuesday really will be Peak Zwift this year. The game has a few initiatives upcoming which may see the current record broken. Stay tuned.

Is the update which restored climbing cadence on Zwift from 80rpm back down to 70rpm a victory for the Zwiftcast? The boys are claiming it!

The Tour de Zwift is a huge event – more than 120,000 Zwifters took part last year and this year’s event has been eagerly awaited. The podcasters discuss the importance of these events to the community. We also have a feature with Zwift’s VP of Media, Nina Caplin, who explains the aims behind the series of live-streamed shows which run alongside the TdZ this year.

And we have a velodrome? Actually, we don’t. We have a running track. Simon talks to Zwift’s Mr. Running, Stephen Cousins on how important the 400m track is for our running colleagues – and whether they might one day let the cyclists in!

We hope you enjoy listening.

About The Author

Simon Schofield

Simon lives in Leeds, in the North of England, where grey, wet winters drive him indoors to ride. An early Zwift adopter, one day he idly wondered whether the fast-growing virtual cycling world would sustain a podcast. 100+ episodes later - he has his answer - there's always something to talk about! Simon's a journalist by trade and spent many years working in TV production. He's at his happiest either drafting a big pack in Watopia or plunging down an Alpine descent with the sun in his face and the wind at his back.

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1 year ago

New decade, No that next year, look it up.

Beau Grant
Beau Grant
1 year ago

I raced in Juniors in the late 80s and came back to cycling in the last 5 years. I really enjoy Zwift but what they are missing out on is the non-cyclist that might be interested. They need it hand delivered, setup, and an instructor walking them through every step. If its perceived as too hard or complicated then its a no sale. Having Zwift setup at gyms and letting people try it out would be my suggestion. Peloton sure is getting alot of people interested with a large ad campaign here in the states to the regular tv watcher.… Read more »

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