Zwift Update 1.0.32190 Released

Zwift Update 1.0.32190 Released

A major Zwift update was released early this morning, bringing us up to version 1.0.32190 on PC. Here’s a rundown of the highlights of this latest release.

Levels 26-50

This is the biggest news in today’s update, since many Zwifters have been stuck at level 25 for a while. Read this post for a complete rundown of the new levels and an explanation of how “accelerated leveling” works for those who have accumulated XP points beyond level 25.

Save Screen Enhancements

When saving your ride you may now select which photos to save on Zwift servers (and thus 3rd parties like Strava and MapMyRide). I like this change, because I often try to snap cool Zwift shots, but it’s an added hassle to log in and upload just the ones I want to Strava. This will let me do it all at once.

In my tests, the photos haven’t been consistently showing up for me to pick at the end of the ride, but I’m sure Zwift is working on this minor bug.

The new save screen also lets you pick the Zwift Companion app privacy level for your activity. Choose between “Public” (default), Followers, or Private. It is worth noting that 3rd parties such as Strava, Garmin, and MapMyRide each have their own privacy settings which are unaffected by this Zwift activity feed setting.

Running Footpod Calibration

On the heels of Zwift’s RunPod release, they’ve improved the calibration process for footpods, using a 3-speed calibration to improve accuracy.

Windows Bluetooth Beta Access

In the first step towards rolling out Bluetooth support for Windows users, Zwift has released limited Bluetooth support as a beta feature. Your machine must be running Windows 10 and include Bluetooth 4. This release supports power data, speed, cadence, and heart rate. It does NOT include control of smart trainers–to do that you will still need to use ANT+ or Bluetooth via Zwift Companion.

To access the Bluetooth beta features click the gear at the top-right of the pairing screen and choose the beta option.

As this is a beta feature, Jon Mayfield recommends we DO NOT USE it for important races or rides. It is here for us to test and provide feedback via the forums.

Additional minor changes were also included in this update. Read and comment on the full release notes >

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Patrick Teune
Patrick Teune
1 year ago

Anything that I can do to help with data gathering for the beta Bluetooth testing? Dropped out 3 or 4 times. One time completely and had to unpair and repair to keep riding. Would love it to be seamless if possible and not drop out here and then. 🙂

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