Zwift Levels 26-50: Requirements, Unlocks and Accelerated Leveling

Zwift Levels 26-50: Requirements, Unlocks and Accelerated Leveling

Level 25 Zwifters, rejoice! Zwift has just released an update which includes an expansion to level 50. Here are the details…

Level 26-50 Unlocks

Unlocks for these new levels are “soft” unlocks–that is, no bikes or wheels. Instead, you will get jerseys, socks, shoes, helmets, glasses, etc. (See XP Points, Levels and Unlocks for a complete list of unlocks.) Zwift chose to go with these soft unlocks because the Virtual Store is launching soon, and this is where bikes and wheels will be purchased using Zwift’s virtual “Dropz” currency.

Since the question arises whenever virtual currency is mentioned, it’s worth stating that Zwift has denied any plans to let players spend real money to purchase virtual items. Zwift doesn’t have any interest in letting people pay real money to purchase upgraded virtual equipment–what you get in game you must earn in game.

Level Requirements

The level 50 requirement is 500,000 XP, while level 25 is 110,000. That’s a significant jump, but not big enough to encompass everyone: a small number of top Zwifters will already meet the level 50 requirement. In fact, top XP earner Tim “Bacon” Searle’s 100,000+ kilometers put him very close to where Zwift has said their level 100 cap will be!

Visit the updated XP Points, Levels and Unlocks post to find XP requirements for each level.

Accelerated Leveling

Many Zwifters have reached level 25 and continue to accumulate XP without moving to the next level. With this expansion, Zwift had to figure out how to handle “leveling up” these riders. Obviously, we should get credit for the XP we’ve accumulated. But should we simply blow through all the levels and unlocks the next time we hop on Zwift? That would dull the satisfaction of achieving each level.

Zwift’s solution is to allow Zwifters to do accelerated leveling up to the level their XP would have taken them. Accelerated leveling means you still have to work to reach level 26 and above, but you will get there 8x faster. When you choose the “Bring on the Levels” option (see screenshot below) your XP is reset to 110,000 (level 25), but each km you ride nets you 160 XP and each mile 240 XP instead of 20/30 respectively. All other XP rewards are multiplied by 8x as well. Accelerated leveling stays in place until you reach whatever level your XP would have taken you before this update.

My Personal Example: I had 350,805 XP before this update, which qualifies me for level 42. Moving from level 25 (110,000 XP) to 42 (340,000 XP) requires earning 230,000 XP, but since I opted to “Bring on the Levels” (accelerated leveling) my miles will get me there 8x faster. By my calculations, I can get to level 42 with about three weeks of riding at my current pace. Here’s what my menu screen shows:

Before the update, showing my accumulated XP

After the updated, showing my XP reset to level 25

Riders can opt out of acceleration if they prefer working through each level at the normal pace. That’s a pretty hardcore option, and there’s no way to change it once you’ve done it!

Level 25 Zwifters, I’m curious: which option did you choose? Share below!

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Durst A Breneiser
Durst A Breneiser
1 year ago

how do I activate it in March, 2020? I didn’t seem to get that option.

Harry (@harrytozer505)
1 year ago

It might be that you have got the achievement after the update so you do not need to catch up because the levels are already there

7 months ago

How do I get this chance now that I m on level 25?

7 months ago
Reply to  robin

You would only be able to access this feature if you had accumulated the XP before the release of levels 26-50. Too late now, you’ll just have to Ride On!

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