Zwift RunPod Now Available

Zwift RunPod Now Available

Last week Zwift launched its revamped shop, and hidden behind the beautiful new kits and piles of smart trainers is a small but hugely important piece of Zwift’s future universe: the new Zwift RunPod.

A Little Background…

The original Milestone pod (read our review) was very affordable at $24.95 and decently accurate for steady efforts, but the company seemed to suffer from inventory supply challenges and the pod wasn’t great at detecting sudden changes in pace.

Zwift acquired the team and assets of Milestone Sports back in June 2018. Since then the team which came over from Milestone has been hard at work with Jon Mayfield and other Zwift developers to implement hardware and software changes to make RunPod the solution for Zwift runners.

RunPod’s High (Strategic) Value

The new RunPod is rumored to have fixed pacing issues, providing accuracy on-par with much more expensive foot pods. Additionally, connectivity and calibration from within Zwift have been improved, making the whole experience simpler and more affordable for new Zwift runners.

From a strategic business standpoint, it’s clear RunPod is a key part of Zwift’s plans for the indoor running space.

While we haven’t had a chance to fully test the new RunPod yet, we do have one sitting here ready to go, so a review is forthcoming.

Buy Now

If you’re looking to get running on Zwift you can pick up a RunPod on Amazon or in the new Zwift shop. Only $29.99 with free US shipping from either store!

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