Tour of Watopia 2020 Pro-Am Race Series Details

Tour of Watopia 2020 Pro-Am Race Series Details

Zwift has just released the news that Tour of Watopia 2020 will include “Tour of Watopia Live”. Here’s how Zwift describes it:

The night before each stage, get a preview of the stage to come as pro riders throw it down in a live race.

This sounds a lot like the Pro-Am Invitational Series Zwift organized for Tour de Zwift… except this ToW series includes overall series leaders jerseys (see below).


The ToW Pro-Am races will happen at 12pm PDT/7pm GMT the day before each new stage begins. Here’s the full 5-stage schedule:

Points and Leader’s Jerseys

These races will be scored based on a points system, with the top-scoring men’s and women’s riders being given a yellow leader’s jersey to wear for the next race. The points system isn’t new (Zwift used it for Tour de Zwift’s races) but this is the first time we can remember Zwift giving an overall leader’s jersey to the points leaders. Cool stuff!

Women and men will each have three races, with the final points leaders after the third race being crowned the overall yellow jersey winners.

Where to Watch

Zwift has created a page where the live streams of each race will be available – see it at Races will also be broadcast on Facebook via the Zwift Live.

We’ve also included each stream below, where it can be watched once Zwift goes live.

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David (@davidpch)
1 year ago

The people putting this races in place seem to know very little about the race dynamics. What’s the point of having 20 minute races, where basically it’s always a mass sprint between the best time trialists that can push 6w/kg for that duration?! It doesn’t leave any room for attacks or other race dynamics… In the Tour de Zwift in 4 races, 3 were won by the same guy, I think that explains my point… 😐

1 year ago

I just can’t see people really wanting to watch Zwift races in vast numbers. I watch most live road cycling that is shown in the UK but the idea of watching people racing on Zwift seems daft.

1 year ago

Would be nice if zwift included rationale on how these teams are selected. Seems to me like another closed boys club of who gets in and who doesn’t.

Andy (@arjenner78)
1 year ago

Do they actually have results anywhere you can easily find them? Zwift’s website is a nightmare to try and get results for these Pro-Am events in the past

Pete Watson
Pete Watson
1 year ago

The way things are evolving, Zwift races might be the only sports to watch this year!

MarkM (@spinner60)
1 year ago

I am confused with how they are listing the Pro-Am stages/races. Why list them as stage 1 women’s race, then stage two men, stage 3 women, stage 4 men and stage 5 both? I was searching youtube for mens race stage 1 and discovered the naming “oddity”. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a stage 1,2,and3 mens AND 1,2,3 womens? The number skipping seems wrong.

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