The simplest of five routes rolled out with Zwift’s Titans Grove expansion, “Sand and Sequoias” is aptly named since it includes the Fuego Flats desert plus the rolling road of Titans Grove sequoia forest. 

Route Description

This loop begins just before the Fuego Flats start pens, taking you out to the desert for a flat and fast first half of the route. Leaving the town of Saddle Springs around 6 miles into your ride, the road ramps up a bit then begins to descend through the sequoia grove. The landscape is changing!

Hanging a right on your descent through the trees puts you on the road through Titans Grove, and this section has a completely different feel from the desert. With tight twists and constantly changing gradients it can feel like a roller coaster at high speeds–so take a moment to slow down and enjoy the scenery. There’s lots of it!

The reverse version of this route is functional. Simply flip a u-turn to take it all in the opposite direction.


This loop divides neatly into two halves: the first half in the desert is flat, while the second half through Titans Grove is rolling with three small climbs, including a timed KOM.

Route details:
Distance: 20.2km (12.6 miles)
Elevation Gain: 147m (482′)
Strava Forward SegmentStrava Reverse Segment

Start Points

Since this route does not begin near a start/finish banner and your actual spawn location will vary a bit, we had to choose logical start/end point for our Strava segments. The forward segment begins/ends at the Fuego Flats start pens exit, while the reverse segment begins/ends when you turn left toward Titans Grove.