Zwift Vs Real Life: Alpe D’Huez Challenge

I really like to compare Zwift’s roads against their real-life equivalent, and Cycling Pulse set out to do just that on Alpe d’Huez. Kudos to the effort. (Don’t worry: it’s not an hour of video.)

11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Zwift

You’ve been on Zwift for a while: you might be familiar with most features of Zwift. But all of them? Or maybe you are new on Zwift this winter, and you don’t really understand everything yet. Either way, GCN’s entertaining list serves as a helpful tutorial.

Zwift Race Tactics – Halloween Special

Eat Plants guides you through a 40min race video and discusses race tactics in detail. The commentary is insightful and educational, but we recommend watching with accelerated speed through the muted parts.

TrainerRoad and Zwift at the Same Time

Should I train on Zwift? Or on Trainerroad? Why not both at the same time? Sure, it works technically, but that’s not all there is to it. This is not the most cinematic video, but a very hands-on analysis of how it feels to do both.

Zwift Early Release World-Swapping Sneak Peek

This is the shortest video we’ve posted in any Top 5 Zwift Video list, but it’s definitely a must-watch. Zwift will never be the same again! (Disclaimer: this video is not from ZwiftHQ.)