Sprint, KOM, and Lap Leader Jerseys in Zwift

Zwift has many jerseys which you can unlock by entering particular codes. But there is another set of much more coveted temporary jerseys assigned to the fastest male and female riders currently on course.

Sprint Jerseys

Green jerseys are given to the fastest riders on course for each sprint section.

  • France: Ballon Sprint (both directions), Pavé Sprint (both directions)
  • Innsbruck: Innsbruck Sprint (both directions)
  • London: Classique Sprint (both directions)
  • Makuri Islands: Alleyway Sprint (both directions), Country Sprint (both directions), Castle Park Sprint (both directions), Tower Sprint (both directions), Village Sprint, Railway Sprint
  • New York: New York Sprint (both directions)
  • Paris: Lutece Sprint (both directions)
  • Richmond: Monument Avenue Sprint (both directions)
  • Watopia: Watopia Sprint (both directions)
  • Yorkshire: Yorkshire Sprint (both directions)
Green Sprint Jersey

There are also a few sprint segments which give you something other than a green jersey:

  • France: Marina Sprint (both directions) gives you an orange jersey
  • Watopia: Fuego Flats (both directions) gives you a custom Fuego Flats jersey

KOM/QOM Jerseys

Polka dot climber’s jerseys are given to the riders with the fastest time up the course’s big climbs.

The standard white jersey with red polka dots is given for most climb segments:

  • France: Aqueduc KOM (both directions), Petit KOM
  • Innsbruck: Innsbruck KOM (both directions)
  • London: Box Hill KOM, Fox Hill KOM
  • Makuri Islands: Castle KOM, Rooftop KOM, Temple KOM (both directions)
  • New York: New York KOM (both directions)
  • Paris: none
  • Richmond: Libby Hill KOM, KOM Reverse (ends at Libby Hill KOM banner)
  • Watopia: Hill KOM (both directions)
  • Yorkshire: KOM (both directions)
Standard KOM Jersey (for Watopia Hilly, London’s Box Hill, and others)

There are also some custom KOM jerseys:

  • France: Ventoux KOM
  • London: Leith Hill and Keith Hill KOM
  • Watopia: Epic KOM (blue dots with ibex), Alpe du Zwift KOM, Volcano KOM, Titans Grove KOM
Ibex jersey (blue polka dots) for Watopia’s Epic KOM

Strong enough to get the best time on Alp du Zwift? You’ll get a special jersey just for that, too.

Alpe du Zwift KOM

The fastest riders up Watopia’s volcano climb get a special jersey, but it has no polka dots.

Watopia Volcano Climb Jersey

London’s Leith Hill has its own polka dot jersey: hot pink with white dots.

Leith Hill KOM

Lap Jerseys 

The orange jersey is given to the fastest riders around the main route on a particular course, in either direction. 

Orange Lap Jersey

There is also a lap jersey for the fastest rider on Watopia’s Jungle Circuit loop in either direction.

Combined Jerseys

If you’re strong enough to be the fastest rider for more than one of the categories above Zwift will issue you a “combined” jersey.

Here’s a throwback: watch below as Nathan Guerra of Zwift Community Live takes all three on a lap of Jarvis:

Losing the Jersey

Once you get a jersey you keep it for up to an hour in game, or until someone bests your time. If you log out, your jersey goes to the next-fastest person (unless you sign back in within an hour).

A Note About Events

If you score a leader’s jersey during an event, that jersey will be indicated in the rider list to the left, but you will not be given that jersey to wear during the event.

Once the event ends (or you exit the event) you will be given the jersey.

Segment Details

To see the details of the segments and routes mentioned above, see our Verified Strava Segments as well as the Course Maps and Details.

For more info on how the jerseys and timers work, see this Zwift Support post >

Eric Schlange
Eric Schlangehttp://www.zwiftinsider.com
Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava


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Chip Hoyt
Chip Hoyt
2 years ago

Hey Eric, Thanks for this. Two questions 1) Wondering why no (or wrongly colored) jerseys exist for certain sprint segments: Marina Reverse sprint in France is orange. No green jersey for Broad Street fwd in Richmond. No jersey for 23rd Street sprint/climb in Richmond (maybe a split jersey for that one!). 2) While I understand why a jersey disappears when I’m on a route that’s reverse to the one I won it on, I’m wondering why the little jersey that appears to the left of people’s names on the right side rider-board doesn’t appear next to me when I’m riding… Read more »

1 year ago

Earlier today, I *twice* posted the best times at Titans Grove KOM Reverse in one ride, a little more than an hour apart, and Zwift gave me the leader’s jersey for the first time round but nothing the second. Worse yet, my second record smashed my first record by 4 seconds but Zwift didn’t recognize it as my new PR.
Is it how Zwift works? I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get back the leader’s jersey when I bested everyone for the second time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken
G converse
G converse
11 months ago

I appreciate your information, it’s where I go to learn about anything Zwift. I had a green jersey yesterday and an orange one today. To find out how they work I turned to Zwift insider. I’m just finishing level 26 and looking to get a cervello frame which I’ve compared on your site thanks

1 month ago

I was doing a workout on the Watopia Flat Route and saw a ton of people (myself included) get the green sprinters jersey all at the same time. Is this a common glitch?

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