Ladies Racing on Zwift: New “The HERd SHEries” Begins Tomorrow

Ladies Racing on Zwift: New “The HERd SHEries” Begins Tomorrow

Following the success of the first HERd SHEries (which saw up to 600 ladies taking part weekly!), organizers have launched a new series starting on July 13th. Here are the details…

What is the HERd SHEries?

The HERd SHEries is a 6-week ladies category-based series on Tuesdays, with 3 time slots available:


See all upcoming events in the SHEries at ZwiftHacks >

The series offers a mix between short and longer races with an individual time trial thrown in for good measure! The shorter races are scratch races (first past the finish line), whereas the longer ones offer points for fastest segment times, as well as bonus points for the category finishing position.

This second season of the HERd SHEries runs from July 13 to August 17, 2021.

Stage and Route Details

James Bailey, Herd Racing DS told us, “I’ve tried to find a good balance between flat and hilly across the series as I did in the previous season. I love the Bologna TT event as it’s such a great way to compare your performances as well as the discussion on bike selection and pacing that it promoted each time I host an event there. Figure 8 is a perfect (IMHO) FTS event because of the 2 KOMs and 2 Sprints. Chain Chomper, with its 2 KOMs and a sprint plus a change in terrain is sure to promote a lot of discussion around bike choice – do you go full aero, or pick something for the gravel climb up Temple KOM, or do you take things to the next level and try a bike swap?!”

  • Stage One – July 13 – Bologna TT, 1 Lap
    Distance: 8.0km / Elevation: 230m
    Nothing confusing in the prologue event, just a dash to the top of the hill! This event will use the TT module, so riders will be sent off with staggered starts. Do your homework! Learn about pacing on Bologna TT, and bike choice on Bologna TT.
  • Stage Two – July 20 – Watopia’s Volcano Circuit CCW (3 Laps)
    Distance: 17.2km / Elevation: 90m
    The first of the shorter races sees racers take on the very quick Volcano Circuit in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Stage Three – July 27 – Richmond Rollercoaster (1 Lap)
    Distance: 17.1km / Elevation: 137m
    The second shorter race features a race of two halves – taking on reverse 23rd Street and reverse Libby Hilly and then East Main Street, before the flat second half of the race.
  • Stage Four – August 3 – Yorkshire’s Tour of Tewit Well (1 Lap)
    Distance: 10.9km / Elevation: 204m
    In the last of the “shorter” races, riders take on a reverse lap of the Yorkshire route, skipping the mini loop. This will feature Pot Bank Wall which is sure to stretch out the field!
  • Stage Five – August 10 – Watopia’s Figure 8 (1 Lap)
    Distance: 29.9km / Elevation: 255m
    In the first points race of the SHEries racers will secure FTS points for their time on the Watopia Sprint in both directions and also the Hilly KOM in both directions. There are also bonus points for final category finishing position.
  • Stage Six – August 17 – Makuri Islands’ Chain Chomper (2 Laps)
    Distance: 27.2km / Elevation: 368m
    In the second points race, racers will score points for the fastest segment times on the Castle KOM, Temple KOM, and Country Sprint. There are also bonus points for final category finishing position.

See all upcoming events in the SHEries at ZwiftHacks >

About Herd Racing League

The Herd Racing League is the sister racing group of The Herd and prides itself on encouraging a welcoming and supportive ideology for racers of all shapes, sizes and ability levels.

Herd Racing DS  James Bailey first took on organizing events for Herd Racing League in April 2019, featuring events such as Herd Beginner Racing Series, The Stampede, The Bullseye, Herd of Mountain Goats, and Herd Summer Racing League.

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