UPDATE: with Zwift’s December 6th update, all Zwifters now have the Zwift Mountain Bike in their garage. You don’t have to perform well on Repack Ridge to unlock it.

Zwift launched its new mountain bike course two weeks ago (here’s how to find it) and with it the opportunity to unlock the first-ever Zwift mountain bike frame and wheelset.

While this is surely only the first in-game mountain bike of many to come, and serious Zwifter should want it in their garage. So how do you unlock it?

First: Find Repack Ridge

You must ride the new Repack Ridge steering trail in order to unlock the mountain bike.

Here’s a clear guide explaining how to get to Repack Ridge >

Second: Ride It Well

As you pedal (and steer!) your way over Repack Ridge, the game is tracking your performance in two ways:

  1. Your overall time on the trail (shown at the top of the screen)
  2. The number of stars you get by steering the right line (also at the top of the screen)
Aim for the blue!

There are 10 sections of the trail which include either blue arrows and red X’s, or a single blue line. Steer your way onto the blue, keep of the X’s, and you’ll get a full star for each section.

To unlock the Zwift mountain bike, you must complete the trail in under 12 minutes, 30 seconds AND get at least 9 out of 10 stars.

What Do You Unlock?

Hit your targets and you’ll unlock both the Zwift Mountain frame and wheels.

While they aren’t particularly fast on tarmac, they’re faster than any other bike available when it comes to riding the Jungle Circuit‘s dirt, thanks to Zwift’s new rolling resistance changes.

And the frame has a color slider, so you can customize the look a bit!

Have You Done It?

It took me three tries, mostly because I was messing around with my steering setup. What about you? Have you unlocked the mountain bike yet?