Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of July 15-16

Grab some elevation towards the “Climb Mt. Everest” challenge with BanditZ’s banded Tronathon event! We’re also highlighting a new endurance group ride, a fast-paced training ride, a group workout, and a classic social ride.

πŸ₯‡ BanditZ Tronathon (Banded)

βœ… Popular Event γ€€βœ… Beginner Friendly

For those looking to do some climbing or gain some elevation for the Everest challenge, Banditz is hosting its weekly Tronathon event on Sunday. The ride is banded, meaning the group will stick together no matter how hard riders are pushing. This is a great way for newer/slower riders to participate in a group ride.

The ride takes place on the Road to Sky course and finishes at the top, so riders can descend as quickly as they’d like!

Sunday, July 16 @ 1:15 pm UTC/9:15 am EDT/6:15 am PDT
Sign up at

🀝 ZTBR Saturday Group Ride

βœ… Popular Event γ€€ βœ… Endurance Ride

Zwift Team Brazil is hosting a new weekly group ride every Saturday. This is a more endurance-focused group ride with an advertised pace range of 1-2.5 w/kg. Additionally, the length of the ride will vary depending on the course and week. Stronger riders are encouraged to drop back and help those who fall behind.

This group ride takes place over 120 minutes on the Watopia’s Waistband course.

Saturday, July 15 @ 10:15 am UTC/6:15 am EDT/3:15 am PDT
Sign up at

πŸ₯‡Β 6Points Mallorca Sunday Training Ride

βœ… Popular Event

6Points Mallorca is hosting its weekly training ride for those looking for a quicker-paced activity! The event serves as a challenge for riders and an opportunity to train for the charity ride that happens yearly. Throughout the ride, leaders will hold a pace range of 2.5-3.2 w/kg.

Participants will ride 3 laps of the Farmland Loop in the Makuri Islands. Keep an eye out on the chat as there is a mini-race at the end!

Sunday, July 16 @ 10:40 am UTC/6:40 am EDT/3:40 am PDT
Sign up at

πŸ“Š ZZRC Cardio Challenge Workout

βœ… Popular Event γ€€ βœ… Beginner Friendly

This weekend, ZZRC is hosting its Cardio Challenge group workout. The group ride aims to combine the social element of their usual group rides with a bit of structure to help riders gain fitness. 

The group workout takes place on the Jungle Circuit in Watopia. Note: this group workout is banded, so speed will be slower than usual for most.

Saturday, July 15 @ 9 am UTC/5 am EDT
Sign up at

🀝 PACK 1.5 Saturday Coffee

βœ… Popular Event γ€€βœ… Beginner Friendly γ€€ βœ… Legacy Leaders

The PACK 1.5 Saturday Coffee Ride remains one of the most popular Zwift events every weekend, with leaders doing their best to maintain 1.5 w/kg regardless of the terrain.

This group ride takes place over 60 minutes on the Island Outskirts course in the Makuri Islands.

Saturday, July 15 @ 8:30 am UTC
Sign up at

How We Make Our Picks

We choose each weekend’s Notable Events based on a variety of factors including:

  • Is the event unique/innovative in some way?
  • Are celebrities (pro riders, etc) attending/leading?
  • Are signup counts already high, meaning the event is extra-popular?
  • Does the ride include desirable unlocks or prizes?
  • Does the event appeal to ladies on Zwift? (We like to support this under-represented group!)
  • Is it for a good cause?
  • Is it just plain crazy (extra long races, world record attempts, etc)?
  • Is it a long-running, popular weekly event with a dedicated leader who deserves a shout out?

In the end, we want to call attention to events that are extra-special and therefore extra-appealing to Zwifters. If you think your event qualifies, comment below with a link/details and we may just include it in an upcoming post!

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

Oli Chi
Oli Chi
Oliver is a Zwift enthusiast who spends lots of time riding and racing on Zwift. While much of Oliver's time is spent being a kid, he manages to make time to create content about Zwift on his blog and YouTube channel ZRace Central.


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Paul G
Paul G
4 months ago

I did the BanditZ group ride up AdZ this morning and loved it. Great company and set a new PR. Thanks for the info Oli.

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