Completing the Challenge

Just select it as your challenge from the menu screen (click “Menu” in-game, then click the challenge image at the top-right to see your current challenge information and/or switch to a new challenge.) Then climb 8,850 meters (29,028 ft) and you’re done!

You don’t need to climb it all in one ride (that would be what we call “Virtual Everesting“). As long as you keep this as your selected challenge, each ride’s elevation will be added to your total until you complete the challenge.

What’s the Prize?

A fitting reward for all that climbing, you get the ultra-light Trek Emonda unlocked when you reach the top of Everest. This is one of the fastest climbing bikes you can unlock early in your Zwift career, so get out there and hit those hill repeats, racers!

Extra Credit: Tron Bike

Once you’ve completed this challenge, keep it selected and your climbing will count towards the ultimate Zwift achievement–the Tron bike!

8,850 meters of climbing gets you up Everest. Another 41,150 meters gets you the coveted “Concept Z1” (aka “the Tron bike”)… one of the fastest bikes in game (but ironically, not a great climber)!